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Mom Turns Daughter's Drab Dorm Room Into A Stylish Study Space

If you guys haven't gotten into the world of dorm room makeovers, then let me tell you: they are absolute treats.

Taking a plain, often super ugly room and turning it into somewhere comfortable for students to live and work is no small task. For stylist and HGTV contributor Jenny Reimold, however, a dorm room was definitely a challenge worth taking on.

The "before" of the dorm room looks exactly the way you'd expect it to.

That sad setup just bums me right out. College students everywhere have had to be content with this drabness for years. However, thanks to Jenny Reimold, we now know students don't have to put up with this anymore.

You are so unprepared for the after.

It's bright! It's airy! It has a cohesive, gorgeous color palette that evokes serenity and comfort! And it has a definite boho flair, which is perfect for a young college student!

Here's how she did it.

The first thing Jenny did was ask her daughter, Grace, to select an inspiration piece for the room. She chose a print from HEARTSinCOLORS on Etsy, which you can see behind Grace. It has lots of pinks, beiges, and aqua in it, so that's where Jenny started.

The rest of the room followed that color story.

Jenny chose to work with that orange-toned wood in the standard desk provided by the university. She incorporated it into the framing of the prints, which makes it look purposeful. Sometimes, you have to work with something you can't cover up, you know?

She also recommended getting a headboard.

It'll add an anchoring point to the room, as well as providing comfort to a student staying up late to study or text. It really does make the room look cozier!

She also has some great tips on storage!

"When creating young adult spaces, I typically do not use open cubby systems or bookcases to display every perfume bottle and picture frame. I feel like showcasing all of the little things makes a small space look cluttered," she wrote on her blog.

As for that chandelier...

It's a DIY moment from World Market! She inserted a battery-operated light inside it as an alternative to the harsh, florescent light already in the room. I'm a huge fan of creative touches like that!

She even styled the dorm's common space.

Grace is sharing her common space with four other people, so Jenny decided to make it a bit homier. I'm loving all the extra pillows, throws, and other cozy elements!

I think it's safe to say Jenny and her daughter, Grace, are thrilled with how it turned out.

Jenny is a super hard-working single mom whose story is actually super inspirational. If you'd like to find out how she styled this room and follow her journey with her 6 other kids, check out her website!

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