10+ Interesting Things About Elliot Page Fans Didn't Know

Whether you know him from Juno or as the mysterious White Violin in the Netflix smash series The Umbrella Academy, there is one thing for certain — Elliot Page is a force to be reckoned with.

He is a musician, comedian, actor, and activist. Get to know the woman behind-the-scenes when you check out these 10+ interesting things about Elliot Page that fans didn't know!

Elliot Page isn't exactly Hollywood royalty to many, but that doesn't mean he isn't successful.

He is currently one of the stars of the major Netflix show The Umbrella Academy and, more importantly, is an activist who has a big heart and a bigger voice.

But he is a pretty private person, which means people don't know everything about him.

But we are here to shed some light on some lesser-known facts about the star!

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1. Elliot is Canadian!

That's right, Elliot was born in the maritime province of Nova Scotia. He grew up in the city of Halifax and quickly developed a love for acting.

It was here that Page was able to land a recurring role on one of the greatest and longest-running Canadian sitcoms of all time.

He played Treena Lahey on the groundbreaking mockumentary series, *The Trailer Park Boys*.

Treena was the daughter of Jim Lahey: a perpetually drunk ex-officer of the Sunnyvale Police Department. Jim was also the trailer park supervisor, as well as the show's main antagonist.

This series is Canadian TV gold.

2. He has a pretty weird hidden talent.

During an appearance on Conan, Page wowed the audience with an impressive juggling display.

He said he learned how to juggle as a kid since there weren't a lot of kids around for him to play with.

3. Elliot is well-known in the gaming world.

Elliot appeared in the popular Playstation title, Beyond Two Souls. According to Elliot, it was one of the most daunting and demanding roles he'd ever undertaken.

The script alone was more than 2,000 pages!

4. He has his own series on Hulu!

Gaycation focuses on the lives of different people across the spectrum in the LGBTQ+ community.

Page travels around to different cities and countries, helping people come to grips and be honest with themselves about their sexuality.

5. Elliot is an activist.

Back in 2008, Page made headlines when he took part in a U.S. campaign that was designed to help raise awareness of gross human rights violations taking place in Burma.

He continues his work to this day, both at home and abroad.

“I’m here today because I am gay and because maybe I can make a difference.”

During his Human Rights Campaign conference, he elaborated: “I suffered for years because I was scared to be out… And I’m standing here today, with all of you, on the other side of all that pain.”

6. Page is a record breaker.

He was nominated for an Academy Award for his work in Juno. At the time, he was the fourth-youngest person in history to ever be nominated for Best Actress.

It is Page's only nomination to date.

7. Elliot really can sing and play the guitar.

You'll probably recognize the track from Elliot's breakthrough film, Juno.

Take a moment to scroll through his page and you'll find that there are a number of videos that showcase his musical talents.

8. Elliot trained hard for his role in *Whip It*.

The film is based on the novel Derby Girl. To look the part, Elliot trained for three months prior to filming. He did nearly all of his own stunts and skating.

Which I'm assuming probably came naturally to him. He is Canadian after all.

9. He is a vocal advocate for mental health.

In his own words, Elliot is fed up.

No longer is he willing to keep silent on issues like depression, anxiety, and other aspects of mental health — especially as they pertain to the LGBTQ+ community.

10. Elliot once had the worst Thanksgiving ever.

Elliot did a sketch for the Crappy Holidays YouTube channel. He pokes fun at his Canadian heritage as he gets increasingly drunk on Canadian Club.

Things take a turn for the worse once Elliot realizes he isn't just the guest of honor — he is also the main course!

11. He auditioned for *Conan*.

I have no idea where Elliot is doing this but I'm concerned. For one thing, the door appears to be ajar. For another, what's up with the tiger painting on the wall?

Is this Joe Exotic's house?

12. He can't play the violin in real life.

Sorry, guys, but that isn't Elliot bowing like a madwoman in The Umbrella Academy.

Elliot gives full credit to the 16-year-old child prodigy, Imogen. Although he does admit that he can muster a half-decent "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

13. He is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Elliot struggled with his sexuality for years. He finally came out to the world while giving a speech at the Time to Thrive conference.

He spoke about it with Ellen DeGeneres and said that his only regret was waiting so long.

He said about his wife, Emma Portner, to Balance: "I feel different in the sense that I just love it so much. She’s the love of my life and I don’t really have a word for it other than this brand new, all-encompassing feeling that…"

"I guess it just feels really grounding and really beautiful. Absolutely I’ve been in love before, and this was definitely a very different new kind and new form, clearly."

15. People don't always take him seriously because of how he looks.

Elliot Page is a full-fledged adult, but because he is shorter than some and has a young face, people can be condescending toward him and don't always have faith in him.

But it only makes him want to express his opinion even more.

14. He took part in the #BlackLivesMatter protests in New York City.

It was definitely a rollercoaster of emotions for him, as it would be for anyone.

However, seeing everyone come together for something important to educate themselves made him feel hopeful.

16. He loves to learn.

Whether it's about geography or important political and social issues, Page thinks the most important thing he can do, or anyone can do, is educate themselves.

"I’m always learning, I’m always humble, but trying to be open and grow, and also to remind myself of the times when I didn’t know all this," he told The Guardian.

"In order to remember not to jump on people for getting stuff wrong, you know?"

About social and political education he said:

"We just have to try and educate ourselves. And really speak up. I’m learning to worry less about what people think, and not to be afraid to say the truth. Which is: ‘What’s happening right now is wrong.'"

17. He is tired of people debating gay marriage.

"There is one side that is right, and there is one side that is wrong," he told The Independent. "Gay marriage... it’s not a debate."

"Whether you have the religious right to [expletive] not serve a queer person or a trans person, that’s not a debate."

[Instagram | @elliotpage]

"And the media needs to stop treating it like it’s a debate. It’s actually Not. A. Debate. It never has been. Like... Stop it. Stop it."

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