15+ Bizarre Situations That We Didn't Think We'd Ever See

Just because most things are somewhat predictable doesn't mean that everything necessarily follows all of the rules all of the time. In fact, sometimes things get pretty darn weird.

These pics aren't going to change the world but they might be enough to shake up your world — at least temporarily.

The evidence is right there.

Reddit | Njvdwesth

This person is positive that a dusty lizard fell on their wireless charger. Based on the photographic evidence, it's hard to reach any different conclusion.

That'll work.

Reddit | dangillmor7187

You can put this one in the file of miscellaneous 19th century weirdness. This was known as vibration therapy. It was believed that a big kabonk on the head would cure headaches. It did not catch on.

Single file, please.

Reddit | Billybob846

This incredible causeway in the United Kingdom provides a nice vantage point for pedestrians. Weirder still, there's a single-file route for people in canoes and kayaks to make their way through.

Half and half.

Reddit | xxxUmutKxxx

It's hard to choose between white and red roses when both are so uniquely beautiful. This rose, with its half and half pattern, doesn't force you to choose.

Ever peel an egg?

Reddit | blind_turkey

I knew that eggs had membranes but it had never occurred to me that the shell could be peeled away from the membrane in this fashion.

Tires, no tusks.

Reddit | --noodle--_

A car wrecker decided to build this elephant out of the old, discarded tires they came across. Say what you will about this thing but I'll bet it has amazing traction.

Dali was here.

Reddit | rotflolosaurus

Don't worry, ceiling fans can't spontaneously melt. They can, however, melt when exposed to high temperatures.

This is what it looks like after a kitchen fire.

Goin' down to South Park.

Reddit | MartJonathan

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Denver Broncos played in an empty stadium. To fill out the crowd, the team put more than a thousand South Park cutouts in the stands.

Terminator cat?

Reddit | SgtNene

I've been doing these lists for awhile so I'm familiar with heterochromia, the condition that causes each eye to be a different color.

I'd never considered how weird it would look in reflective eyes, though.

Here's looking at you.

Reddit | ineedmoresleepz

This artist was working with watercolors when they felt like they were being watched. This splotch of paint at the bottom of a bit of water is unnerving to say the least.


Reddit | throoawyyy

This is a front lawn display like I've never seen: a massive crowd of dolls, carrying off...corpses?...wrapped up in garbage bags. Happy Halloween, I guess?

Marked with a star.

Reddit | PeeWeeConfetti

These heirloom cherry tomatoes have had their stems plucked off for convenience. In the spot where the stem once attached, you can see a star pattern.

Family photo.

Reddit | Jedi_Lucky

This pic, taken a million miles away from Earth by a satellite, shows the moon in front of our home planet. It really makes the moon seem closer than it is.


Reddit | Jannax

These tiles in an abandoned apartment building have somehow allowed life to flourish. One hardy plant is defying the odds by poking up through the cracks.

Weathered iron.

This is a legit iron chain. I don't know how old it is or how strong it is at this point, but it's accumulated so much rust that it almost looks like it's made of wood.

Two worlds.

Reddit | VaKaRiSP1

This panoramic concert photo looks like it's showing two different scenes. I'm not sure if it's a glitch with the flash or maybe just something to do with the stage lighting.

Abandoned forever.

Reddit | spaceIess

This eerie photo shows the abandoned control room at Chernobyl's nuclear plant. It's crazy to think about how things have sat untouched — in a radioactive haze — for decades now.


Reddit | Harry_driver_

I don't even know what kind of black magic goes into making something like this happen. Those ice cubes have perfectly sealed off one half of the glass from the other.

Here be dragons.

Reddit | starlitboat

"The light coming into my bathroom window this morning formed an epic dragon," wrote the person who posted this awesome pic.


Reddit | BigAppleGuy

This apple has found a way to grow in between two existing branches. It doesn't look comfortable, exactly, but so far it seems to be working out.

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