10+ TV Deaths That Left Fans Cheering

When it comes to character deaths, there are some that will make us bawl everytime:: Bambi's mother from Bambi, Hedwig from Harry Potter, and, of course, Mufasa from The Lion King.

But not all character deaths are sad. Case in point: these 10+ TV deaths that left fans cheering.

From Joffrey to The Governor to Gemma, these characters got what they deserved.

Zoe Barnes from *House of Cards*

While this fiery reporter tried to do good by taking down corrupt political leaders, she also wasn't a saint.

She was having an affair with Frank and often put her ambitions ahead of others. This made her death by train so sudden, shocking, and satisfying.

Gus from *Breaking Bad*

"The best bit was how disappointing it was when you saw him walk out like HOW has this dude survived AGAIN?! Then you see the other side of his face and it was like yassssss." - Redditor littlebluelily

Bart Bass from *Gossip Girl*

This old grump had never been nice to Chuck. He lied about who his son's mother was and even faked his death for several years.

In the end, it was sweet to see Chuck get his revenge.

Monica from *Shameless*

"Maybe it was just me, but I found her way too annoying. I get her character and its development are important to other characters' development, but I think we got MORE than enough Monica." - Redditor deleted

Andrea from *The Walking Dead*

Oh, Andrea. She went from fan-favorite to one of the most hated characters on the show SO fast after she dated the twisted Governor.

She had plenty of opportunities to kill him but kept wasting them.

Gemma from *Son's of Anarchy*


"I wanted Gemma to suffer SO MUCH more but I'm glad that it was Jax who ended her. And I'm glad she died knowing her son was completely capable of putting a bullet in her twisted little head. In many ways, Tara won and Gemma lost... like a lot." - Redditor CreepyAbelTeller

Vee from *Orange is the New Black*

After she had been nothing but horrible and two-faced, fans were so happy to see Vee get what she deserved.

At first, you thought that she was getting away, but then the character with cancer came and ran her over with a van.

Walder Frey from *Game of Thrones*

Arya was thirsty for revenge after Walder Frey killed her mother and brother.

She got it — big time — when he disguised herself under the face of a servant girl and fed Walder Frey his own sons in a pie and then slit his throat.

Littlefinger from *Game of Thrones*

"For me it felt like he was running out of plans, he had been lucky with his plans so far. He was taking too many risks too often and playing with everyone." - redditor SUPERARME

Lila from *Dexter*

"Lila was a nightmare. I actually don't think she was a good character, though. I, personally, was happy to see her go not because she was a great villain but because she was so poorly written that she was dragging the show deep into the dirt. (Though maybe we should have let her.)" - MagnusCthulhu

Pierce from *Community*

After causing so much trouble on the show, it was good to finally see Chevy Chase's character get what he deserved.

Of course, knowing him, it wouldn't be surprising if he had faked his death.

Jarl Borg from *Vikings*

"It was a good scene, and while previous episodes emphasized his less desirable qualities, him staying strong in the face of such an agonizing death showed that in some ways he was still a respectable man (at least a respectable enemy)." - Redditor FunGuyFr0mYuggoth

The Governor from *The Walking Dead*


"I have never cheered so loudly than when he was stabbed by Michonne. Hershel’s death was so traumatizing for me, I felt like my own dad had died." - Redditor trulymadlybigly

Ramsay Bolton from *Game of Thrones*

It had grown so hard to watch as the demented Ramsay tortured Theon and Sansa.

So it was more than deserved when he was eaten by his own starving dogs.

Walter White from *Breaking Bad*

"It was a satisfying death that i was scared the writer would mess up but damnnit was a good scene." Redditor mustache_duck

It was so good that you even wondered if maybe Walter had actually lived.

Todd from *Breaking Bad*


"I think I could have watched Jesse strangle that [expletive] for an extra twenty minutes." - Redditor R1DER_of_R0HAN

After all, Todd had wronged Jesse so badly. And since Jesse was such a fan-fav, we loved him seeking vengeance.

Joffrey Baratheon from *Game of Thrones*


His death is, without a doubt, one of the most satisfying moments of television.

After he was nothing but a monster for several seasons, fans loved seeing him get poisoned at his own wedding.

Viserys from *Game of Thrones*.


After this creepy brother treated his sister so horribly, he got what he deserved: death by molten gold.

"At the end of the day he got what he wanted. that's why you should be careful what you wish for." - Redditor the_flying_ninja

Agent Stahl from *Sons of Anarchy*


"Sometimes I will watch just that episode and it’s always so satisfying. I’ve watched the series multiple times now and I’m more sympathetic to Clay (and Tig) than I was the first time around." - Redditor LuchoMucho