14+ People Who Have Never Heard Of ‘Love Thy Neighbor’

It is great when you live in a house with nice neighbors! However, not all of us get to live this dream, and most people have experienced arguing with a neighbor at one point or another.

So, with this idea in mind, here are 14+ funny people who have never heard of "love thy neighbor"!

"Somebody in my apartment complex posted this at our mailboxes."

Now, I don't know if I'm being overly sensitive, but I think that this person may be being a little sarcastic. It's hard to tell though as it is so subtle!

"Left my printer without a passcode. My neighbors sent me a message."

That looks like it used a lot of ink — color ink as well! Christ, I would be finding out who did this and sending them a bill! You don't mess around when it comes to printer ink!

"Our elderly neighbors have this sign posted on the bike path in their backyard."

Most grandsons make their extra pocket money by mowing their grandparents' lawn or the like, but not this couple's grandson!

"Can't beat a bit of passive aggressive wi-fi naming."

I love a good wi-fi router name. There are some fantastic ones out there! If you think that you have the best wifi name, put your wittiest ones below!


Yeah, this sounds like the person who this was intended for really needs to go to the doctor! For their own wellbeing that is, not the neighbors'!

"That'll teach me to park in my neighbor's parking spot..."

Wow, this is a lot of effort to show your displeasure at a neighbor! Also, was their first idea in response to someone stealing their parking space to carve some angry potatoes? That is pretty damn specific!

"My cat occasionally visits our neighbors. Today she came back with a little snack."

You know that the neighbors who were meant to be cooking this chicken were tearing their hair out looking for this piece of meat! They must have been thinking that they were going insane!

"So my neighbors had a dispute..."

Nothing gets someone's attention quite like a plethora of plastic flamingos on your lawn! Sometimes flamingos are the only move you can make!

"Mowed my elderly neighbor's lawn. The people on the left of her mowed a day after. I guess I didn't mow right to the property line. I officially hate these people now."

How hard would it have been to just mow that extra little piece? Did these people just not get hugged enough as children?

"Passive aggressive neighbors at their finest."

I cannot tell what annoys me more: neighbors who stomp around, or people who don't know how to use apostrophes appropriately.

"It's my [neighbor's] first day of retirement. He set up a nerf gun turret in his garage waiting for neighbors to walk by. He looked so proud."

That is one hell of a way to kick off your retirement! If this is what he did on his first day, I can only imagine the other plans he has for retirement!

"My neighbor has a turbine with a bad bearing, it's obnoxiously loud. He went to go check it out because it's been real quiet lately..."

Christ, I feel like I would then be very nervous that an arrow would come flying through my window at all times! There's clearly a neighbor around there who needs to find a shooting range!

"My neighbors complained that [it's] too cold for my dog to be outside all day during the winter. I sent them this."

These kinds of dogs don't have big furry coats for nothing! This person went on to write, "I [can't] even get her to come inside [...] I would have to open the door and throw delicious foods inside the house to get her to come in."

"Our new neighbors are bigots. Since regular aggression leads to assault charges, I went with passive aggression. 10,000 lights later:"

I absolutely love this, and I think it would be worth putting up regardless of whether your neighbors are bigots or not!

"So my neighbors do this thing where they leave the window open every morning so their dog can sit on the roof and people watch."

Is it only me who feels like this dog is secretly judging everyone it looks at? I feel as though it is about to start shaking its head in disappointment.

"Upstairs neighbour was powerwashing the driveway. Came home to discover he kindly powerwashed outside our suite too!"

"Well, I guess the only thing to do is perform a sacrifice."

"Dave, can't we just wash it off? Why are you always trying to sacrifice things?"

"Fine, what a buzzkill."

"Today I learned that I sleepwalk."

First thing to do when you find out that you sleepwalk is to invest in some nice pajamas!

"Pub's Sign For Its Neighbours!"

In fairness, I never know what people expect when they move into a house near a pub. It's like people who move next to farms and complain about the smell of animals!

"The HOA in my friend’s neighborhood recently threatened her neighbors with a fine if they didn’t hide their trash cans, even though they’ve been in the same spot for over a decade. This is their solution."

I don't know a lot about HOAs, but I've also never heard a positive story about them, so I'm shocked to learn there are so many.

"Neighbors went to see *It*. It will be dark when they see this."

Just inch it closer to their house every night. I know that's not how Pennywise works, but come on, it'd still spook them pretty good.

"Being neighbors doesn’t make you friends."

I mean, you're right, but this is enemy level stuff. Did you two get in a fight or something?

"My neighbor's toddler was a little too quiet."

If you're mad, imagine how mad the plant is. He's the one who has to regrow all that!

"My neighbor got his reindeer decorations stolen so they put out grinch ones instead."

This one is actually deserved. Extremely deserved. What kind of monster do you have to be to steal Christmas decorations?

"How my dad deals with his asshole neighbor who checks with the city whenever anyone does any work on their property."

I hope I never reach a point in my life where calling the city to check permits is worth my time.

"[...] my family is moving and my mom decided this is how we’re saying good bye to our pain in the neck neighbor."

With this, you're either shaming the neighbor into becoming better for the next people who move in, or only making her worse.

"With everything 2020 threw at us, nothing came closer to [killing] me than my upstairs neighbor's laundry."

There's an easy way to mend this experience: Get some terrible, blurry footage of it, then upload it online as proof of ghosts.

"This was posted on a neighborhood app with my neighbor's apologies for his, and I quote, 'misbehaving emu'."

At least he apologized! That's a lot more than anyone else on this list would do!

"This guy pissed off his neighbor, who had a giant back yard and a lot of free time."

You're forgetting the most important ingredient, which is pure, unfiltered vengeance.

"I'm a little worried about my neighbors."

Yeah, I think it's fine. Whatever's wrong, the watch-vultures will take care of it.

"Neighbor had some work done while out of town. This was dropped off. I decided it should be front and center."

I love the title because it gives us no background. What have these people done where you think this is warranted?

"This is one way to piss off your San Francisco neighbors in a $40mil/home neighborhood."

It's good to know rich people can still have a sense of humor about things. Some of them, anyway.

"Here is a picture of my dog in the background looking at the new [neighbor's] dog conquer the front yard."

He's not looking at the dog, he's looking at you. "What, you're just going to let him do that?!"

"My neighbor ran over my son's bike. I took off the tire and put it in his center console of his truck."

This seems like a light punishment to me. Go ahead, destroy one of his tires, he earned it.

"Our neighbours very precisely only cleaned their part of the wall."

Wow, and I thought that the person only mowing their lawn to the property line was petty. This person might have just snatched the crown for being the pettiest neighbor!

"I Adopted The Neighborhood Stray Cat. My Neighbor's Cat Got Her Pregnant. Woke Up To This."

I mean, I guess that this one is actually quite sweet! Although, they're probably going to need more than just the one bag!