8+ 'Kung Fu Panda' Mistakes Fans Didn't Notice

Everyone was kung fu fighting for Kung Fu Panda. This film was not only an enjoyable family hit but it stands the test of time through its mesmerizing fight scenes and breathtaking choreography.

Along the way, it also managed to make its fair share of mistakes. Have a look and check out these 10+ Kung Fu Panda mistakes that fans didn't notice!

1. How did the guard find out about the Dragon Scroll?

Tai Lung escapes after he's antagonized by one of the rhino guards, who informs him that Master Oogway is finally bestowing the Dragon Scroll to a worthy recipient.

But how could he have possibly known that? Shifu's instructions were only to double the guard, they said nothing about Po or the Dragon Scroll.

2. All we are is dust in the wind.

This may very well be the coolest scene in the whole movie. Too bad it also has a pretty glaring error.

Take a look at Po's cape blowing in the wind. If it's that windy, shouldn't the dust be blowing around as well?

3. The rhinos never fired a fifth arrow.

As Tai Lung begins his escape, the rhinos arm their giant crossbows and fire four arrows. You can count them as they go.

But when the camera cuts back to Tai Lung's vantage point, you'll see that there's one more arrow than there should be.

4. How did Po manage to clean himself off?

When Po inadvertently sets off an entire fireworks display, his fur appears noticeably scorched. Which makes sense, considering he was at the center of it!

But keep your eyes peeled as Po begins to fall back down to earth.

His fur is as white as fresh fallen snow!

What's the deal here? Did the wind velocity somehow clean Po's coat? Sorry Dreamworks, but I'm not buying it.

This is a pretty blatant screwup in the scene's continuity.

5. What happened to the peach?

Frustrated with Oogway's ambiguity, Shifu leaps high in the hair and kung fu chops a peach in half. He catches the pit as it falls to the ground.

But what happened to the fruit? Did it get stuck on the way down?

6. Did the Dragon Scroll vanish?

The moment Po realizes that he is the Dragon Warrior is when he sees his reflection in parchment. You can see that it's clearly lying on the ground.

As soon as Po and Tai Lung begin their battle, it's nowhere to be seen.

7. Where did that apron come from?

Watch as Po and his father talk hurriedly in the kitchen. You'll notice that he's carrying a large bowl of noodles and nothing else.

Keep your eyes on his hands because I swear this goose has magic powers.

How else could he have possibly manifested that apron around Po's waist?

This is one of those "blink and you'll miss it" type of moments, but it's still pretty funny.

Po's father clearly has fast hands, but not even the Dragon Warrior himself is that fast.

8. What happened to all the peaches?

Early on in the film, Shifu and Oogway argue over the difference between destiny and control.

During which Shifu gives the peach tree a good solid kick and a whole bushel falls to the ground.

But then as soon as the camera cuts away, almost all of the fruit is now gone.

I guess if I'm being lenient, I'm willing to believe that they could have just rolled away without our noticing.

But an aerial shot in the next frame blows that theory out of the water as well.

9. Who moved the vase?

When Po and Master Shifu have their first encounter, things don't go well for the pudgy panda.

Make sure to pay close attention to the pieces of broken glass that are right beside Po's feet.

Not only is the vase in a different position but there even look to be some pieces missing!

I thought I was going crazy at first.

I could tell that something was wrong but I wasn't able to put my finger on exactly what it was.

10. A Tigress never changes her stripes.

That's how the saying goes, right? Therefore, it should stand that Tigress shouldn't look all that different from the time she's a young cub to a grown adult female.

Pay close attention to her eyes, especially the white patches of fur.

Look now! It doesn't even look like the same character.

Look at how different her markings are! The white patches of fur extend all the way down her face now, as well as up past her eyes.

What mistakes did you catch in Kung Fu Panda? Leave a comment and let us know.