12+ Real Estate Photos That Left Us Scratching Our Heads

It's that time again, fam — it's time to dunk on real estate photos. There's nothing more satisfying than looking at some truly ugly stuff, am I right?

Time to immerse ourselves in homes that are not ours, revel in design choices we'd never make, and be grateful for the rooms we have that aren't covered in floral wallpaper.

What? Does your house not have half a door?

I am absolutely fascinated by this room. Why did they add that door? Why didn't they just take that whole wall down? Did the owners ever use that little door? So many questions...

For some people, that blanket is a selling point.

I love that this room (I hope this is a room and not a whole studio) is so packed full of stuff that someone just shoved everything towards the back and called it a day.

Well, that's up close and personal.

Do you really need your TV to be THAT close to you in bed? I can't imagine how much it cost to get that think mounted, and I just have to wonder if burning the money would have been a better use for it.

I, too, have a car in my living room.

I wish I could tell you why this reminds me of Mr. Bean. It just does. Now, hands up, how many of you want a Mini Cooper in the middle of your living room?

This has to be the world's smallest studio.

And "studio" is generous. Why is there a living space in what is clearly a bathroom? It also looks like there might be a sauna back there, which is just mind-blowing.

This looks normal at first.

Oh! A nice, normal, white room! Bit boring, but — hey, hang on, is that a toilet in the middle of a bedroom? Yes, yes it is. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

This would sell a house for me.

If you don't have someone in a Bigfoot costume modeling in every room of your house, what are you even doing with your life? I would totally do this if I was selling a house.

That dog is definitely helping sell this house.

He's the real estate agent, actually. Now, why someone thought that this picture would sell a house is beyond me, especially considering there's what looks like scorch marks up the side of it.

Who doesn't need two fridges?

Honestly, I'm less offended by the random two fridges than I am by that hideous red floor. Is that carpet? Is it vinyl? Whatever it is, it needs to be burned.

What a nice, normal home.

Sure, the trim may be a little outdated, and that wall on the right might be better just totally blown out, but it's fine! Oh, except for the ceiling that's about to fall straight down.

There IS such a thing as too much taxidermy! No way!

I really didn't think it was possible, but this is just too many dead deer on a wall. I know, I know.

We love a fisheye lens!

Whoever thought that wood paneling went with wood cabinetry and a BROWN CARPET in a BATHROOM should probably never work as an interior designer. This wasn't even cool when it was trendy to have carpets in bathrooms.

Sure, why not?

I truly believe this is just a closet that someone slapped some plumbing in. Where's the space? The light?

This is just so haunting...so beautiful. Nature is truly majestic.

I mean, why not wallpaper your tub?

You want your bathroom to look cohesive, right? So clearly that means doing half a wall in tile with a funky little red border, then flipping that around for the next wall. It's nice that they used the leftover wallpaper on the tub.

Okay, go with me here:

Those walls actually could have been cute if they'd only gone up halfway. The top half could have been drywall, and then the floors could have pulled in the pink color.

Yellow sinks have no place in my life.

Exactly how was this going to sell a house?

"How do we prove that this place has running water? Let's fill the tub! Problem solved!" — A thought I assume the real estate agent had before taking these pictures.

I do not have words for this.

I can't imagine trying to take on a renovation in this house. You'd have to spend so much time getting those frames off of the ceilings. And don't get me STARTED on those floors.

At least it's color-coordinated?

Listen, if having a phone in a hotel bathroom doesn't make sense, then having one in your home bathroom isn't any more logical. Please do not make any calls if you're sitting on the can. Just...don't.

Does the cat come with the house?

Unlike some of the other photos on this list, this home actually looks quite lovely. My only hesitation is that excitable kitty. I just don't want to be attacked at the open house, you know?

You can never go wrong with a horse mural.

Wait, scratch that — actually you CAN go wrong with a horse mural. Let's just leave all the horse decor and murals to country-themed bed and breakfasts, okay? It just makes more sense this way.

This is a real estate catfish.

How are you going to photoshop in a whole yard and then try and pretend you didn't do that when people show up to see the house?

Honestly, I'm mostly confused as to why they did it in the first place. That's a perfectly nice house.

This is my nightmare.

It's Wall. To. Wall. Wallpaper.

Can you imagine trying to sell a house with this picture? You'd have to explain why there's plastic sheeting just all over the floor. Choices got made here.

This is my OTHER nightmare.

I've never seen such dedication to a print before. I wonder what we as a species were thinking when we went through that design period where everything had to be matching? Were we okay?