Instagram Account Features The Treasures Found In People's Trash

Do you know that saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure"? Well, some people really take it to heart. There's even an Instagram account devoted to "stooping."

This longtime NYC tradition of dropping unwanted stuff on the sidewalk for other people to "stoop" is being celebrated online. Here are just a few examples of treasures people found in other person's trash.

1. This Sectional

Oh my, I can't believe somebody got rid of this gorgeous sectional sofa. Wow, I would love to grab a piece like this. It looks to be in a really great condition, too. Isn't that a great score?

2. These Colorful Stools

If a pop of color is what you're after look no further than these fun lime-green stools. I think they would bring so much character to a plain kitchen for sure. I can see myself sipping on some cocktails while sitting in them.

3. This Shelving Unit

If you've got enough space in your New York apartment for this piece, you're definitely lucky. Imagine how much stuff you could display on it? I could see some funky plants hanging off of the tall shelves.

4. This Rad Organ

Ah, organ music, I'm such a fan. There's something about the organ that's just soothing to my soul. I wish I could snag this amazing piece and have my fiancé play it for me. What a gem.

5. This Funky Dresser

If you think this dresser came straight from the Beetlejuice house, you might be right, ha, ha! If it didn't then I think it would definitely fit right in there. Anyone looking for that kind of aesthetic would be thrilled to grab this.

6. This Living Room Set

If you've just moved into a new apartment that's totally bare, you would probably jump for joy if you spotted these pieces. That's like a whole living room you could take for free. Only in NYC, I guess.

7. This Excercise Bike

Are you slacking off on your fitness goals? Well, now you won't have an excuse. Whoever left this bike on the curb swears that it works perfectly, too. Aww, that's so sweet of them to mention.

8. These Awesome Chairs

Let's get the party started! Don't you feel that way when you look at these fun chairs? I definitely do. They might not totally be my kind of aesthetic but I bet somebody is going to love them.

9. This Lovely Plant

If plants are your thing I bet you would be thrilled to find this beauty right on the street. I know I would. I would snag this one up so fast nobody would be able to catch me ha, ha.

10. This Hanging Basket Chair

Whoever scooped this awesome hanging basket chair is now going to have to compete with the cat for it. It seems to me that the cat is going to win every single time. Don't you think?

11. This Gorgeous Drawer

Would you dare and put socks in this beauty ha, ha? I dunno, it might be just too pretty to store stuff like that. But, then again, who cares? I gotta say I'm pretty obsessed with this piece.

12. This 'Star Wars' Gem

How in the heck could somebody put this Star Wars goodie out on the curb? Huh? I just don't get it. Even if I didn't have enough space for it in my place I wouldn't just throw it away. Oh, well. Hopefully, a die-hard fan was able to score it.

13. This Awesome Globe

You know what, I've always wanted to have a globe like this one. I think it would be so cool and interesting to look at. It would definitely be a stand-out piece in anybody's house — that's for sure.

Wow, if looking at all these amazing freebies doesn't make you want to move to NYC I dunno what will ha, ha.

I wish we had this "stooping" tradition where I live. There are so many awesome goodies lucky people scored for free!