20 Pics That Prove One Person’s Trash Is Another’s Treasure

There are some people out there who always see the positive in everything. For instance, when they see a crushed spider on a wall, they see an art installation! Or, when they see something unsettlingly creepy, they see... well, the chance to make people laugh!

So, please enjoy these 14+ pics that prove one person's trash is another's treasure!

"Got a letter from the devil today..."

Pfft, if the devil made an offer on my soul I would absolutely take it! I mean, it's not like I'm using it, and it's in terrible condition!

"Finding someone's wedding video at a Goodwill."

There is a morbidly curious part of me that I do not think would be able to leave that store without buying this! Is anyone else with me?

"Who wants to be first to try the infamous meat bird?"

Mmmm, I sure do love me some nondescript meant bird! And, the thing I like most about it, is not asking any questions about its origins! Yummy!

"Not exactly how I envisioned my Shrek themed birthday cake..."

Yeah, I cannot say that I would be completely comfortable eating this cake, and I dread to think what flavor it is.

This Cigarette Mailbox!

Those pencil thin fingers are making me very nervous. I feel like a giant puppet is waiting below this Earth to jump out and drag unsuspecting mailmen down!

"These condoms are around 60 years old (found in my basement)."

Now, call me crazy, but something suggests to me that these may not necessarily be still useable! But, you never know!

"I found this under the floorboards in a 1800's era house."

Before you start wincing at the thought of what this thing is, it is actually a device used to take the tops off soft boiled eggs! And thank God for that!

"It's harder than it looks to throw away a trash can."

Someone said that they are just going to start putting these signs on random people's trashcans now to mess with people... and that is genius.

"Good advice to any aliens visiting Earth."

Maybe there are some aliens who are looking to buy Earth as a fixer-upper? I mean, it needs a lot of work but there is something salvageable here I guess?

£8 Is The Price Of Heartbreak...

It is still annoying to me that someone would write on the box instead of just writing on a card to go with it! maybe that's why she left you Jamie, you monster!

"Cleaned the cat's litter box and brought the bag with me to throw away on the way to work. I also brought my lunch. Guess which one got thrown away?"

Well, looks like lunch is going to be very interesting today! Although, it'll still be better for you than a Pot Noodle!

"Trash Size, please."

When it comes to ice-cream, why would you ever get anything less than the trash size? Embrace your inner slob!

The Startcycle!

Star Trek fans often get a bad rap for being "uncool," and quite frankly I have no idea where that comes from?!

The Biggest Lie Of All!

I bet Happy Hour is an absolute riot in this funhouse! I can picture the dour face on the barman already.

"Informed my mum that she used the screen protector's throwaway film instead of the actual screen protector. She literally used trash as a screen protector."

Holy Christ, I do not know how she was able to look at that every single day! It's making me incredibly anxious just looking at it now!

"This septic company's truck."

Do you reckon this is the sort of job where you would get used to the smell of sewage, or would it always be as bad as you'd expect?

"No one's removed this lad from my dorm's stairway, so I turned him into a work of art."

They say that most great art comes from suffering, and this spider suffered more than most of us may know. What a testament to a life than knew only pain... and flies.

"I didn't realize it wasn't a trash can until after I threw my drink in there..."

Yep, this was for book donations. Well, I hope that whoever collected these donations likes their Da Vinci Code with extra Red Bull! Let's be honest, the pages of that book being stuck together would only make it better anyway.

"I asked Loretta what the weirdest thing someone has left in the casino lost and found... she came back with this gem."

You know that the previous owner of this foot lost it in a bet to someone, only for the person who won it to realize after the fact that they had absolutely no use for it.

"I had to make my cat his own tampon toy so he would stop stealing mine from the trash."

Apparently this is a thing that a lot of people's cats and dogs do! Thankfully, our cat is too much of a princess to go through the trash!