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10+ Famous '90s Celebs Who Are Basically Unrecognizable Today

Remember the '90s? Oh, what a time to be alive! People love to hail the decade as being the advent of Grunge music or the hey-days of pop-punk. But to me, it will always be the golden era of cinema...and boy bands.

If 2020 is any indication of the decade to come, then we're going to need all the help we can get.

What better distraction than to check out these 10+ famous '90s celebs who were basically unrecognizable today.

Lindsay Lohan.

Buena Vista | @lindsaylohan

Lindsay Lohan was actually one of my first-ever tween crushes! Since her days spent on the set of The Parent Trap, Lindsay has had her struggles.

These days, she's focusing on herself as well as her blossoming music career.

Lil' Kim.

Miramax | @lilkimthequeenbee

If you thought that Nikki Minaj and Lady Gaga were controversial, then you need to brush up on your hip-hop history — Lil' Kim was and is the original bad girl of popular music.

A lot has changed since then, as you can clearly see.

Leonardo DiCaprio.

20th Century Fox | @leonardodicaprio

Leo is all grown up and looking better than ever (how is that even possible?).

Since first appearing in films like What's Eating Gilbert Grape and The Basketball Diaries, Leo has reached a level of stardom only a select few have ever known.

Jaleel White.

Warner Bros. | @jaleelwhite

It turns out that Jaleel had a lot more in common with Stefan Urquelle than he did nerdy Steve Urkel!

Jaleel is so good looking that he can even make PPE look sexy. Laura Winslow wouldn't stand a chance.

Matthew Perry.

NBC | @matthewperry

The man that '90s kids will forever know as Chandler Bing has had his ups and downs.

Matthew Perry has bounced around from one unsuccessful sitcom to the next, the best of which undoubtedly was 2012's Go On.

Devon Sawa.

Universal Pictures | @d.sawa

Don't lie. You know that you used to imagine floating while slowly dancing with Devon Sawa to Jordan Hill. As a matter of fact, I still think about it.

Devon may not have the same boyish charm, but he's one hunky daddy.

Johnathan Taylor Thomas.

Disney | ABC

Yet another Wild America alum! In the '90s, JTT was everywhere. There was hardly a copy of Tiger Beat or J-14 that didn't have his pictures plastered.

He had a short stint on Last Man Standing but since then has removed himself once again from the public's eye.

Johnathan Lipnicki.

Sony Pictures | @jonathanlipnicki

Remember the adorable kid from Stuart Little and Jerry Maguire? Well, Johnathan's all grown-up now!

Don't let his innocent looks confuse you, he left acting to pursue his dream of combat sports. These days, Johnathan trains and fights Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

On their own, a gold chain, turtle, and a fanny pack would be only mildly funny.

The fact that Dwayne Johnson had the gall to throw all of them together proves that he truly is the most electrifying man in entertainment.

Haley Joel Osment.

Buena Vista | Amazon Studios

Haley is responsible for one of the very first memes to ever have been breathed into existence.

The boy we all love and remember from films like The Sixth Sense is still acting and working today. You can catch him on Amazon's The Boys.

Neil Patrick Harris.

ABC | @nph

Before Neil was ever the awesome Barney Stinson, he cut his teeth on the ABC hospital drama Doogie Houser.

These days, he's a Tony-award winning stage actor, host, and television superstar! Rumors are that Neil is due to appear in The Matrix 4!

Mickey Rourke.

MGM | @mickey_rourke_

There was a time when Mickey Rourke was hailed as the second-coming of Marlon Brando.

But rocky relationships, financial recklessness, and a bad reputation resulted in Mickey falling out of favor with Hollywood.

These days, he's returned to his first love: the sport of boxing.

Cole Sprouse.

Sony Pictures | Netflix

Cole Sprouse can do a heck of a lot more than just wipe his own [expletive]. He's appeared on the hit Netflix series Riverdale and is an aspiring photographer.

Also, if you haven't seen the Instagram he devotes to taking secret pictures of people who take secret pictures of him — do yourself a favor.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar.


As you can see, Mark has long since outgrown his luscious gold locks. In fact, it looks as if he's trying to channel the spirit of Russel Brand with this outfit.

You can see him in the upcoming second season of Mixed-ish.

Macaulay Culkin.

20th Century Fox | @culkamania

Mack has come a long way from his days spent as Kevin McCallister. Nowadays, he enjoys playing in Velvet Underground cover bands, as well as hosting/producing his own podcast called Bunny Ears.

You can also see Mack star in the upcoming season of American Horror Story!