15+ Real Pics That Seem Like Somebody Made Them Up

You shouldn't believe everything you hear. After all, it just makes sense. You shouldn't necessarily believe everything you see, either but seeing something does add a bit of credibility.

These pics, though? You might not want to believe them but you'd better. This is absolutely real life.

Life's mysteries.

Reddit | owlrecluse

This person returned to their car in the middle of a desolate parking lot to find that someone had skewered a hot dog on the aerial. They'll never know why.

A rare sight.

Reddit | cam1xx

The Statue of Liberty's torch has been closed to the public for over a century. Now it's way too rickety to ever re-open. This pic shows what the view was like.

Is that a cherry tomato?

Reddit | D1G17AL

I've seen ladybugs with few spots, lots of spots, weird spots and everything in between. But I think this is the first I've ever seen that has zero spots whatsoever.

Frazzled Jupiter.

Reddit | bluemozzarella

We think of Jupiter as the undisputed king of our solar system. But just look at poor Jupiter's stressed-out face. The big gas giant has problems and concerns just like the rest of us.

Perfect break.

Reddit | HenkoHenko

Breaking pencils might be the thing I miss most about elementary school. Unfortunately, I never was able to get a pencil to break this perfectly.



This is a bottle of insecticide, on which a cocoon has made its home. It's not exactly an endorsement of the efficacy of whatever insect poison is inside the bottle.

Long distance.

Reddit | kuvantaja

This is a sunset in Finland, showing the effects of the California wildfires.

Think about that for a sec: the smoke traveled all the way across North America, all the way across the Atlantic, then across northern Europe, to get there.

Looks like a nice day.

Reddit | MajinDaigaEx

I'd be a lot more interested in the weather if I had an in-person cat meteorologist to break it down for me every day.

Humidity in a nutshell.

Reddit | Dimond1134

You're looking at two halves of the same doorknob (duh). It's been in place for about a decade now and each side is in an area with different humidity levels.


Reddit | Plarrrrr

This humble little lotion bottle might not look like much. But if you pair it with some multicolored lights, things turn into a rave pretty quick.

Puffed all the way up.

Reddit | MartianRoadster

Everyone knows that mushrooms grow fast. But usually they, y'know, stop growing eventually. This massive puffball mushroom apparently never got the memo.


Reddit | crewchief535

Stop signs make all the sense in the world. Usually, the reason for their placement is self-evident.

In this case, I really have no idea why this sign is necessary.


Reddit | kandtwedding

The shadow of the railing neatly divided up the colors of the spectrum. This is a modern version of how the full light spectrum was discovered in the first place, centuries ago.

Skull in the hills.

Reddit | Skeleton_King9

This rock formation can be found at Stars Valley in Qeshm, Iran. On one hand, it's a cool coincidence.

On the other hand, it has a way of making things feel cursed.


Reddit | neonroli47

A World War I soldier was carrying this bible in his breast pocket when he was shot. The book stopped the bullet, but just barely — it made it to the last page.

A whole new world.

Reddit | CanniestBean

The owner of this house probably wasn't thrilled to discover a sinkhole under their driveway that led to a whole cave system.

But hey, if they're into spelunking, it's a dream come true.

What are the odds?

Reddit | DaysOfRen

This old married couple was apparently always in sync. She died on his birthday, while he died on her birthday. It's a coincidence that's almost unbelievable.

Cool blue.

Reddit | Duskychaos

You're looking at three lingcod fillets. I'm not sure how they'll look when they're cooked up but at this stage, their flesh is naturally blue.

Haunted deck.

Reddit | bjpickard82

Months after someone sprayed their shoes out on the deck with Scotchguard, a rainfall revealed these ghostly footprints. At least they were able to make the connection.

A moment in time.

Reddit | grapenuts716

This is a press pass for maybe the biggest media event of all time: the Apollo 11 moon landing. Back then they didn't mess with bar codes or implanted chips or anything like that on ID.

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