19 Hilarious Photos Worthy Of Bustin' A Gut

Every now and then, a beauty collection of pics comes your way that just makes you laugh and laugh. And that's what we need more of, isn't it? Don't you think the world is getting a little too serious?

Well, in these times, you need a mental release. What better way than by having a deep belly laugh?

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1. I bet this worked even better than Kendall Jenner's Pepsi!

Reddit | Antmanhi

His heart is in the right place. His tattoo is not. At least he gets straight to the point.

2. "I look over and my wife is eating cheetos with tongs so she doesn't get her hands cheesy. She is a genius and I fell more in love with her."

Reddit | Longpips1000

This seems clever, but not if you eat at the rate I do.

3. It's called fashion. Look it up.

Reddit | pepebaybay

FINALLY. I've been waiting for a business casual way to wear my polyester shorts over a thick tweed for years!

4. It's a wonder that these stores don't have daycares.

Twitter | @realtonihammer

Also, horribly accurate.

5. It's on a sign, so it must be true.

Reddit | thecavedog

Just wait for it, bros. Your future kids will thank you for the low-hanging fruit.

6. Now these are my kind of dice.

Reddit | ffffddddd

We should play this more often! I could play this like, three times day!

7. Some food for thought...or maybe not.

Reddit | MrBarbaric

Call me old and suspicious, but these things freak me out hard. But still, busted.

8. Basically anytime someone tries to tell me I'm not special and unique.

Reddit | zalawy

Jealousy is a disease. Get well!

9. I can't believe that another person exists who's as "not with it" as I am! This is pretty darn cute.

Reddit | NightTrainDan

Or it's a humble-brag, either or. All I know is that I laughed way too hard at this.

10. This is the town-size equivalent of that tennis ball your grandparents have hanging from the ceiling of their garage.

Reddit | Funkizeit69

11. "Day 4, still unnoticed by the Earth indigenous."

Reddit | TheRealDrogon

12. Well, I can think of one way to figure it out. 

Reddit | Peanut_Legend

13. I love great responses to passive-aggressive notes.

Reddit | Reddit

Food has been a lifelong unrequited love of mine. It's already a touchy subject for me, sheesh.

14. When my parents ask me if I'm getting better with time management and procrastination...

Reddit | aspen70

"Yep! I'm on top of it, Mom!"

15. And we should pay attention, cats have more of an influence over our lives than we once thought.

Reddit | palletonyourfloor

16. We're so preoccupied with going into space that we all failed to notice THIS.

Reddit | Poland_Sprung

These two are welcome to come be my Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers any day. It's okay, my husband already knows about my love for Tom Selleck. He's accepted it.

17. Quite the Canadian picture, eh?

Reddit | Mr_JCBA

We can't even make this stuff up, buddy. I'd bet my poutine and maple syrup collection that this was a candid shot.

18. MmmHmm...I see what you've done there.

Reddit | poppicat2249

Gotta keep that Lambo on the DL from the fuzz. That licence plate should do it.

19. What would we do without signs?

Reddit | thehandsoftime

Can you imagine the disaster if they hadn't made this helpful message?

So here we are, at the end of the article. What a journey it's been together.

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