Target Is Selling Pink Ceramic Christmas Trees For Retro-Chic Holiday Decor

What's more Christmas than the color pink? Nothing. That's my controversial Christmas opinion, and I'm sticking to it.

In all seriousness, Target is selling an adorable pink ceramic Christmas tree, and it's perfect for a home that doesn't like traditional Christmas colors or decor! Let's check it out and prepare to fill our shopping bags, shall we?

It's PINK!

This is part of the Mr. Christmas line of Christmas decorations and ornaments. It's 14 inches tall and pink from head to toe, so it's clearly adorable.

The tree also rotates and plays Christmas music!

There's also a mini version!

If you want to add just a touch of pink to your holiday decor, the pink tree also comes in a mini version that stands at seven inches tall.

Of course, if pink isn't your speed...

There's always white! White is definitely more in the Christmas color palette, without being green or red. This one also rotates and plays Christmas music, and is about 4 inches taller!

There's always the classic green, too.

We have to get green up in here! The green one is exactly your speed if you're into the totally classic Christmas look. This one is also a bit taller than the pink, standing at 18 inches.

You can get all the little trees at Target.

AKA the most magical place on Earth. The entire Mr. Christmas collection is available to browse online, and Target offers next-day shipping!

You can also check out the collection in-store... after Halloween.