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13+ People Share The Creepiest Things They've Ever Come Across

Everyone's got a story to tell, and some of those stories are far past campfire worthy.

The most frightening tales are always the ones that contain more fact that fiction, so it's no surprise that this compilation of creepy experiences has us looking at dark forests and cottage lakes a little differently now.

The people of the internet recently took to Reddit to share the creepiest things they've ever encountered, and trust me, they're way too wild to be made up.

Break out the popcorn, keep the lights on, and get your mom on speed dial— it may be pride month, but you're about to get scared straight.

Follow The Spiders

Reddit | peacesystem5680

"I was 17, leading a staggered column of about 60 Cadets to our detachment campsite," this Redditer explains, "I spotted a small cluster of the 'diamonds' and focused my head torch on them, but instead saw a group of about 5 large spiders just crouching in the leaf litter and staring at me.

They looked like huntsmans which are about the size of an adults hand.

Sweeping my head around, I realized there were thousands of the things. All over the ground, some on the trunks of trees, and everywhere around me."

Life Jacket

Reddit | roe45_1110

"I'd been at football training with a few of my cousins when I was about 10 years old," this man writes, "We decided to take a walk before our parents picked us up, so we went along the canal towpath. My cousin looked down in the canal and say a really nice jacket floating along and being a weird scavenger person decided to reach in to fish it out.

Well, the jacket turned over. And so did the man wearing it. He also had no face left.

Not gonna lie, that was rough."

Men In Black

Reddit | 6798_3424

"Back when I was a kid some friends and I were staying at a friend's house for a birthday party/sleepover and went for a late night walk," this guy writes, "We came across people in robes chanting around a campfire out in the woods on the edge of the town we lived in."

Left To The Imagination

Reddit | clonerrondal78

"My girlfriend and I were hiking along some abandoned railroad tracks and we get to a small bridge going over a little creek," one guy explains, "I’m about to go explore under the bridge when she points something out. I look over and in the woods across from us I see a guy.

I'm like whatever and keep headed down to the creek area and then the guy stands up and he’s naked.

We immediate back track pretty quickly to get away from there and once were like 1 minute down the trail I look back and this naked dude is just standing in the middle of the trail watching us walk away."

Hang In There

Reddit | moreover345

"Walking on the beach with my boyfriend and we had walked to a giant rocky cliff to make out," this girl writes, "Somebody was just gazing at the ocean, crying and shaking. Mind you, this is late at night, like around 9:30 pm.

"We asked him if he was okay, he apologized and practically ran back down the cliff (away from the dangerous areas).

"My boyfriend and I watched him until he reached the public area and decided to call it a night. I'm pretty sure he was going to jump."

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Reddit | 569834_00o

"I was walking with family when I was little and we came across a sheep's head," this man reveals, "No body or blood just a severed sheep's head on the path.

It was the first time I noticed sheep's eyes have slit pupils and I think my first contact with something so gruesome."


Reddit | thefleashaveyes34

"I was on a camping trip with some friends of mine," this guy explains, "And we found like 7 or 8 chipmunks and squirrels all in a pile but they were all dead without arms or legs."

Business Casual

Reddit | rennerBBBB

"I was mountain biking in the woods and I came across an east Asian looking man in a perfectly fitted suit and a briefcase," one user writes, "He was just casually walking through the woods."

Without A Shadow Of A Doubt

Reddit | brotttremmy78

"I was in a large wooded area near my bf's home, with him, hanging out nearly at midnight," this girl writes, "We had gone in pretty deep and it required a good amount of climbing.

As we were kissing and stuff he thought he saw a shadow move 20 - 25 feet to the left of us, climbing.

Without skipping a bit my bf grabbed my hand and we almost ran downhill till the path. We made it in less that two minutes while still holding hands and listening to the man running behind us."

Coming Out Of My Cage And I've Been Doing Just Fine

Reddit | poseynight

"Went walking in the woods while camping with an old boyfriend to where the road ended and found a giant underground cage," one woman writes, "After exploring we started kissing and suddenly heard little kids giggling all around us. Hightailed it out of there and never looked back."

The Leg Bone's Connected To The Hip Bone

Reddit | 67u8brewly

"I was walking my dog through the woods and she'd find the odd bone, thought nothing of it, but then she ran towards a huge black sack and was going nuts for it, I open the bag and it's filled with bones," this man writes, "But then I walk a bit further and start seeing more and more bags, then a huge cluster of them, at least 20 right there, all filled with bones."

Nine Lives

Reddit | 38Wroarst

"I saw a man walking up a mountain," one man shares, "With a cat calmly sitting perfectly still, on top of his head."

Twine About It

Reddit | gershwin90

"Went in the woods behind my friend's house (almost touching trail of tears)," this guy writes, "Found flint knives, nooses made out of twine rope (I think? idk what it was actually made of), and bullet shells. Needless to say, I'm never going back out there lol."

A Drink With Jam And Dead

Reddit | monester9034

"I was once walking through the woods and kept finding jam sandwiches cut into triangles and deliberately lined up on logs or stacked in careful little piles on the ground," this user writes, "Literally about 30 sandwiches worth of triangles spread over about 1 km, like the Blair Witch Project but with jam sandwiches. Weirdest thing I've ever come across."

Hey Ken Wanna Go For A Ride?

Reddit | randomthingsfound4544

"My friend and I used to go and off-road on random trails," this guy writes, "One night we were putting around in the woods and came upon what looked like some plastic garbage farther up on the side of trail.

We investigated. As we got closer we noticed they looked like dolls. Turns out someone had dumped a plethora of Barbie and Ken dolls and some toys. Except that they positioned the 12 or so naked dolls in various sex positions."

Cross Roads

Reddit | spairo679

"We were on a field trip in the mountains," this guy explains, "And we found a wooden cross next to a extinguished fire, clearly someone tried to do some witchcraft."

Jack & Jill

Reddit | not4you56

"Was out hiking with some friends, and I went off by myself off trail for a bit," one man writes, "Off in the distance I hear



And then what I can only assume was the sound of a chainsaw starting. I quickly rejoined my friends and we went home. I was not about to get myself slasher movied."

Run Forrest Run

Reddit | lokilover34

"Felt like running at night last year because the park near where i live gets all pretty with the lights on in the dark," this man explains, "So after 5 mins into the exercise, I feel the need to adjust my shoes, and I look up and I see this dark silhouette running towards me at full speed wearing a hoodie about 50 meters away.

I was on the left side of the street and he was on the right so it was clear he was running towards me.

The person trips, falls face planted on the ground...and starts crawling in my direction again. "

Take A Seat

Reddit | wombatcombat11

"I was doing a paper route and a guy in a wheel chair appears out of nowhere at 3am, just racing towards my car," this guy writes, "We encountered him again about a week later, he did the same thing. Just high tailed it towards my car in his wheelchair, murder in his eyes.

This took place like 2 streets over from our house. We floored it out of there, and quit the paper route. Never seen him again."

Ça Va Mal

Reddit | xavierman

"I was hiking in northern Quebec, doing some exploration work for geologists," one user shares, "The thing about northern Quebec is that it has forests, mountains, hills. Pretty much all green, black and grey.

Except that in the middle of a forest we hiked through, we found this strange all yellow patch of grass in a perfect circle. About the diameter of a medium sized house. It was almost perfectly flat too. Caught us off guard."

Brought A Knife To A Gun Fight

Reddit | chockingonlego3

"I was camping with my wife last year and in the middle of the night woke up so some cutting through our tent with a knife," one man reveals, "Immediately yelled at them that I had a gun pointed at him through the tent. Thank god he left because I didn’t have anything besides a small pocket knife buried in my bag."

Good Boy

Reddit | fightmilk

"My friend and I were chilling in the woods one day back in high school and see a dog walking by, later followed by this kid, " a woman writes, "He looked troubled so we asked if he needed help. He obliged, telling us he was dog sitting for his friend and the dog got loose. So we spent a good hour following this dog and kid around, going deeper and deeper into the woods.

Eventually I finally got the dog to come to me, but it wasn't wearing a collar so I wasn't able to get a hold. My friend and I look away for just few seconds do discuss strategy, and when we turn back around the boy and the dog are both gone. It was like they completely vanished."

Campfire Tunes

Reddit | Cujjub

"I was jogging at night with headphones on in a park with dense trees and bushes," one man writes, "I started to see a fire burning ahead but couldn’t really make it out (I take my glasses off when I jog).

As I got closer there’s a clearing and I see a big big fire raging and no one around. So I pause a minute and fish my glasses out and find out that yes, there’s 6 people standing there actually. Perfectly spaced apart from each other and they all turned at the same time to look at me."

Dark Water

Reddit | smartcookie457

"I was a cook on board several NOAA research ships," this man explains, "Up in the Bering Sea, I saw what appeared to be a massive, black, triangular shaped craft dive under the water. I viewed it from a distance of maybe 2 nautical miles."


Reddit | hanky1979

"In a patch of trees off of a field near where I keep my horse there’s one of those big oil drums sealed up with a very heavy boulder on top," one woman explains.

"The only way it could have got there is being placed by a tractor or some sort of heavy lifting equipment. My partner and I tried to push it off but no luck. I don’t know why but it creeps me out every time I see it."

Child's Play

Reddit | 6756_5645

"Camping with three girls at a campsite far out in the woods with nobody else around for miles," one guy writes, "The temp had dropped to 39F and we were freezing . We heard a weird laughter and then screaming in the woods near us. It was actually terrifying because we couldn’t identify if it was a child or something else."

Doe A Deer

Reddit | zobiedke7

"Found a deer with its hind end ate up, few feet away was a coyote with the hind end ate up, then another few feet away a fox with its hind end ate up," one user writes, "Nothing else was there, no bullet holes or signs of a arrow or anything else. Couldn't find any tracks from other people or animal. It was pretty creepy."

Sticks And Stones

Reddit | YHLba

"Camping with my dad and sister me buddies, early 90s," one user explains, "Something was throwing rocks and sticks into our camp. We shined a flashlight out and caught a reflection of eyes and a silhouette. Very very tall.

Kept throwing stuff in our camp randomly for about 15 minutes. We just stoked the fire really high.

In the morning I woke up to heavy footsteps in our camp and something reeked. Woke up my dad. He shook the tent and yelled. Whatever it was ran off."

Flushed Away

Reddit | discoverofficial

"I was a kid and was in this hotel like place," one man explains, "Went to public toilet, guy walks in, grey skin, eyes/pupils really small like a zombie's eyes. He was just staring at me."

Buck Up

Reddit | mostesshostesss77

"I was driving through rural parts of Missouri with a buddy," one guy explains, "We drove down a single lane road that had no exit. At the end of the road, there was a group of deer corpses laid in a perfect circle. I'd say there was at least 10 deer."

Shatter Proof

Reddit | ricky67_loo

"Was in the woods at a school sponsored event to learn more about nature," one guy explains, "All kids had cabins they slept in and on one side of the wall where windows stacked on top of each other (2x2).

We all woke up from either a bear roaring or a demon, and all the bottom row windows busted, but the glass went outside, so some kind of 'blast' came from inside."

Clowning Around

Reddit | yourmomlikesthispost_111

"K so I was swimming off the dock at my grandparents cottage," one man writes, "And I swear to God a clown face, like just the face, floated in the water past me.

I got out to get my sister but when I went to show her it was gone. I still don't understand what happened or if it was even real."

Mirror Mirror

Reddit | @rm_2333

"My girlfriend got out of the shower and called me in a weird panic," one guy explains, "The hand print in the middle was there on the steamed up mirror, very noticeable, all by itself.

For reference I put my hand print on the left and hers on the right. I live alone and she is the only one who had been to my place in at least 6 months.

To this day I have no idea where the hand print in the middle came from."

Let Your Eyes Adjust

Reddit | stoporstare444

"Got a picture of this 'thing' while we were camping," one guy writes, "My dad tried to tell me it's just an owl, but I swear I can see something else."