10+ Facts About Terry Crews Fans Didn't Know

Terry Crews is a man of many hats, He's a father, an actor, gamer, former athlete, interior designer — I think you get the point. But Terry's climb to fame hasn't been an easy one.

Below are 10+ facts about Terry Crews that fans didn't know. Take a look and see how Terry is the living embodiment of why you should never judge a book by its cover.

Terry's a best-selling author!

Terry wrote a semi-autobiographical book called "Manhood: How to Be a Better Man — or Just Live with One."

In it, he outlines his rise to stardom, his secrets on marriage, and his ideas of positive masculinity.

He's battled with addiction.

Terry had an addiction to "adult media." It got so bad that he even admitted himself into rehab.

He's been open and honest about his struggles and isn't afraid to admit that for a period of time, it seriously messed up his life.

He had a very interesting way of making money when times were tough.

Terry was cut by six different professional football teams. To pay the rent, he would paint portraits of his fellow teammates.

He's said that it was both pragmatic as well as cathartic.

Terry loves Old Spice.

Out of all of Terry's many memorable roles, there's one that stands out above all others — his Old Spice commercials!

It's basically 45 seconds of non-stop testosterone-fueled pec dancing. And it's glorious.

He's one heck of a game show host!

If you are looking for a great binge-worthy series, look no further than the extreme endurance/obstacle course show Ultimate Beastmaster.

Different teams from around the world compete against one another for international glory. Terry was the host (and cheerleader) for the American team.

Terry loves making cameo appearances in music videos.

Odds are that at one time or another, Terry Crews has appeared in your favorite artist's video.

To date, he has a total of seven attached to his resume. The first being Blink-182's "Down."

Terry loves designing furniture.

Terry Crews is the definition of a Renaissance Man. He's released two furniture collections with a company called Bernhardt Design.

The designs are based on Terry's own sketches. So now you too can live like Terry Crews!

He's a flautist!

Terry is just full of surprises. During an appearance on The Late Late Show, Terry revealed a hidden talent — he can play the flute!

I wonder if Terry knows how to play any Jethro Tull? "Hey, Aqualung!"

Terry hates water.

Terry made an appearance on the celebrity reality TV show Stars Earn Stripes. He, along with a handful of other celebrity guests, was given a crash course in S.E.A.L. training.

He nearly drowned when he was forced to swim with a 32kg pack.

You really need to follow him on TikTok.

Do you know how some people were just made to shine on TikTok? Well, Terry is one of them.

If you're ever feeling sad or need a little pick-me-up to get you through your day, just a quick scroll should set you right.

Terry loves to draw.

I'm no artist but I know what I like. And I love Terry's work!

How has he not drawn himself into a comic book? He's practically a superhero as it is!

He made one of the most memorable MLB All-Star Game appearances, ever.

Terry took part in the celebrity softball game at the 2016 All-Star Game. In True Terry-style, he walked up to the plate shirtless and flexing his pecs.

Sadly, pitching legend David Wells was able to make short work of him.

Terry is a advocate for victims of sexual assault.

Terry Crews became actively involved with the #MeToo Movement. He testified before the U.S. Senate about how he himself had been the victim of sexual abuse.

He continues his advocacy work to this day.

Terry played in the NFL!

Terry was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in the 11thth round. He bounced around the NFL for a few years before ending his career on the Philadelphia Eagles.

He played a total of 32 games on 4 different teams.

Terry loves PC gaming.

Terry Crews doesn't look like your prototypical gamer but don't let that fool you — he's the real deal.

It began as a way to bond with his son and quickly evolved into one of Terry's greatest passions.