Tulip Nails Mean That Spring Has Sprung

Diply 31 Mar 2017

My favorite flowers have always been peonies, hydrangeas, and of course, tulips. No matter what, tulips always remind me of spring, and the thought of spring always makes me happy. Birds chirping, gardens blooming, warmer weather, jean jackets... how could spring NOT bring a smile to your face? So since I love spring and tulips so much, I decided to see if my fellow nail art lovers do too. Turns out that tulip-inspired manicures are super popular, not to mention super pretty! Keep on scrolling to see these beautiful nail looks for yourself.

1. These multicolored tulip nails are absolutely beautiful! The white base polish makes the designs really stand out. 

Instagram | @diy4digits
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2. These lilac, tulip-inspired nails are so dainty and feminine. I adore these colors together. 

Instagram | @uptownnailgirl
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3. These blue, pink, and green tulip nails immediately put a smile on my face. They're so cheery! 

Instagram | @fingernail_frenzy
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4. I like how they chose a single tulip accent nail in this soft, dusty rose manicure. 

Instagram | @oi.wedding
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5. A negative space nail design is a definite win when it involves burgundy tulip designs.

Instagram | @marilyn_nail_art
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6. These peach and pink ombré nails look wonderful next to the very artistic tulip accent nails. 

Instagram | @hriss_nails
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