Build A Work-From-Home Office With Amazon's DIY Shed Kits

Are you working from home? Same! Are you short on time, patience, and most importantly — space? Same!

There's a solution for us, y'all. It's prepackaged sheds! Much like a "she-shed" or a bar shed, these sheds provide you a home away from home to stretch out and get all the work done that your heart (or your boss) desires.

This one is called the "Nice."

Isn't it actually so cute? You can paint it whatever color you want, so no worries if yellow isn't your thing.

This one is 185 square feet, which is the perfect size for a work-from-home shed.

The inside layout looks pretty cozy!


It's the PERFECT size for an office! You can also add plumbing to yours, which I absolutely would — you're going to need a bathroom.

You can check out the Nice on Amazon.

Let's check out the Verona next.


This is nothing short of charming, don't you think? I love the tiny little porch on the front!

This one is much bigger than the Nice, clocking in at 285 square feet. So, bigger than my first apartment!

To borrow a phrase from 'Doctor Who': It's bigger on the inside.


That bedroom is actually large! It accommodates a queen bed, which would make this whole unit a great guest house/office combo.

You can check out the Verona on Amazon.

The "Victoria B" looks like a little gazebo.


But with doors, of course. It's pretty tiny, coming in at a mere 81 square feet. It'll work perfectly as a work from home office, however! It comfortably fits a couch, so a desk would be an easy fit.

The "Oriental 5" (I know, I know, I didn't pick the name) is actually very chic.


Not that anyone's interested, but this is the one I'd pick. Huge windows to enjoy the view, lots of light, and a modern, sleek design? I'm totally in.

The layout is so great.


Look at all the natural light that would come in! You could definitely keep plants in there. You could also have a whole file storage room, if you needed it.

You can get the Oriental 5 on Amazon.

Each shed comes with the doors and windows included.


So you don't have to worry about getting charged even more on top of the base price. Plus, you can treat and paint each structure to suit your tastes!

Amazon has a pretty good selection of sheds.

If you're in the market to by a pre-made shed to turn into your dream home office, check out the selection on Amazon. Prices start at about $3500.