23 Things That Should Be Left To Professionals

My dad can fix anything. Sometimes, his repairs are clean and unnoticeable, but other times, it's obvious that it would've been better to call a professional. We like to think that we can do just about anything — especially if it means saving a few bucks — but there are times when the challenge exceeds our skill set.

The following examples show off some less-than-glamorous results of people who probably should have thrown up their hands in defeat and called in a professional.

1. You might burn down the house, but at least you saved money by not having to buy a power strip!

Reddit | in_the_

Obviously, it's worth going homeless and having all your prized possessions go up in smoke if you can be proud of your ingenuity.

2. Who needs a professionally-built trailer when you have mad skills of your own?

Reddit | Kidchico

Especially when the new trailer matches your van. Definite style points for choosing to go matchy matchy.

Also, just think about how much trunk space you have now!

3. I can just see the kid's disappointment when his father unveils his new tree house.

Reddit | Classiceagle63

Well, at least this dad's trying to make his kid happy. Never mind the fact that this tree house might mean a few extra trips to the emergency room.

4. Wife: "Honey, I think you should call an interior decorator. They might have some good ideas." Husband: "Nah, I've got this."

Reddit | 88squirlz

We all know the person who would think that this design is so cool. We all also try to get away from him when he starts droning on and on about bands we've never even heard of.

5. This might not get you the kind of attention you were seeking.

Reddit | 88squirlz

Okay, let's just look at the tire for a second. The fact that this person was extra enough to spray-paint their tires an ugly gold is actually impressing me.

6. Discount headlight repair done right!

Reddit | SgtMac02

The front part looks bad enough, but I don't even want to think about the wiring under the hood.

Also, would this be more expensive than just buying new headlights? Those tools don't look cheap.

7. This shower really gives you that extra jolt to start your day.

Reddit | DJScoobyDubious

There are so many things wrong with this that I can't even. Are they asking to be featured on a list of stupid ways to die? Seriously, folks, don't try this one at home.

8. His wife wanted patio furniture. After checking the price, he improvised.

Reddit | Luke_Orlando

I can't fault his creativity, and they actually don't look as bad as they could. However, I'm pretty sure those tires would be smoking hot out there in the sun, and no one wants to sit on that.

9. This just screams "lazy!"

Reddit | vivian_ivy

Is it weird that I'm just cringing at the idea of how much dust and guck would get in those spaces between the wall? But seriously, please just put away the DIY manual next time, and hire an electrician.

10. I feel sorry for the guy who has to empty the bucket.

Reddit | pm_mi_your_pm

I'd say it's a pretty crappy job, but I guess that's not exactly the right word here. Also, what happens when the bucket gets full and someone still needs to use the urinal? I don't want to picture it.

11. This is one of those things I think you should have fixed by a professional.

Reddit | Reddit

Though if you did, you wouldn't be able to say, "Oh, my car's the one over there with the fancy doorknob." Aren't we all looking for that?

12. Who needs a pool cleaner when you have a robotic vacuum and a whole lot of free time?

Reddit | Ohmnonymous

The next step is to make an army of them, and have robot battles in your pool. Shhh... electricity plus water is always a good idea.

13. When you love your dirt bike more than your truck...

Reddit | turbodude69

Hey, the truck is just your main transportation and super handy when you need to move. But your bike? Well, that's your heart, and it gets whatever it darn well needs.

14. When you want a cool glowing fence at night but only have old milk jugs to work with.

Reddit | hipcatcoolcap

Plus, didn't you always want a cheap solution to stop people from accidentally driving across your grass? This is really just a redneck win.

15. Those red Solo cups sure do come in handy.

Reddit | ndjs22

I feel like this truck belongs in a country song. "Red Solo cups, you light me up. Let's have a party!"

We all love tailgate parties, but we didn't realize we could have taillight parties.

16. At least she gets points for trying, right?

Reddit | Misvier

It's a good thing it's a sink. Very convenient for when you're bleeding after trying to turn on the cold water. Just make sure that you don't drip blood on the seashells.

17. They tried their best, and that's what counts. 

Reddit | Pikachu298

Painting is hard, okay? It's not like you can get painter's tape anywhere. It's also not like we learned as children to color within the lines.

If only the mere color of Pepto-Bismol could help me with the nausea I'm feeling just looking at this bathroom.

18. Everyone should celebrate their special day in their own way, I guess...

Reddit | Dianesaurus

This is for when you have three parts to your marriage: you, your spouse, and the burritos. Don't forget about the sauces.

I hope the guy has chili cheese fries hidden in his tie so he matches.

19. Those backsplash guys are a rip-off! Do it yourself with three years worth of corks and some wine to soothe the pain.

Reddit | thatsryan

Now, this is just a smart way to justify buying more wine. "Well, I don't know if I have enough to fill in the part over the sink..."

20. So, uh... yep.

Reddit | kepler-20b

Sometimes a wall just goes where a wall wants to go. It's an instinct thing, okay? Planning is clearly for suckers, and so are measuring tapes and paying someone else to renovate your home.

Who needs to plug their phone in, anyway?

21. The new door installation was a success!

Reddit | RoboNinjaPirate

Ahhh, the beauty of home ownership. Along with the freedom of paying a mortgage you may not be able to afford comes the freedom of making your house into a jigsaw puzzle. It's the American dream.

22. This one is a bit safer to DIY, and you can't buy that kind of quality anywhere.

Reddit | thebayallday

Add this car to the one before, and you could start a whole fleet. Now we just need a van with bike pedals, a truck with a ceramic plate steering wheel, and a car with fans for rims.

23. Sometimes you need a van. Sometimes you need a pickup. Sometimes you need both.

Reddit | Thomas_work

For all the camo, though, I don't think this will blend in anywhere. Nice try, but you can't hide your creativity, even if you want to.

Next time you want to renovate, maybe just shell out the cash for the professional touch.


If you don't, you might just be shelling out a whole lot more. Plus, then the internet will get to make fun of you forever.

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