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15+ Pics That Start Out Bizarre But End Up Fascinating

Appearances are important — how a thing looks can often tell us what to expect from it, like how with scorpions we know to give them some room because of the big stinger on their backs. But appearances also seldom tell the whole story.

Things that look odd or weird at first glance often have something much more cool going on.

You would think coloring in the whole Etch-A-Sketch would make it blank, but a pattern does emerge.

Reddit | Professor-54

In fact, coloring the whole surface reveals the thing's interior workings.

That's definitely a strange pattern for this can to be making when it's out in the sun.

Reddit | Kaiju-Kitty

The lettering on the can is the shiniest part, so it's reflected onto to the surface below.

This looks like some severe fire damage, and it is, but it was done with a purpose.

Reddit | coilerman

This is an example of a Japanese method of treating and preserving wood called yakisugi. Only the surface of the wood gets charred, which makes it waterproof and resistant to insects.

I know, this looks like it was manufactured, but it's perfectly natural.

Reddit | birdmetwo

It's just a honeycomb that the bees have abandoned — it's actually a bit spooky seeing it so bare like that.

This horse has a pretty fancy mustache.

Reddit | morphinization

Gypsy Vanners can grow some prodigious lip warmers, but seldom do you see one so well groomed.

These strawberries are perfectly ripe.

Reddit | MoonLan-Ding

I know, they look terribly under-ripe, right? But two different varieties of strawberry plants — alpine and everbearing strawberries — cross-pollinated, creating these pale hybrids.

Apparently, they taste like pineapple.

It looks like a confused mosquito tried to suck blood from a bean.

Reddit | sckoonix

Mosquitoes aren't all about the blood — they like sugar, so they'll go after sources of nectar, too.

Mind you, confused mosquitoes don't always work out in your favor.

Reddit | liquidatiesensatie

This poor fellow had a mosquito get confused between his leg and his knee, resulting in many small, itchy bites.

This tree has been reinforced with concrete.

Reddit | Smemme

But not haphazardly, without care — someone took the time to sculpt and shape the concrete to blend in with the bark.

Apparently there's enough water in an egg for it to expand when it freezes.

Reddit | Loaf-man

And this person learned that the hard way, of course.

What could shove the lines on a piece of paper out of the way?

Reddit | digitall565

A simple drop of common hand sanitizer, thanks to the alcohol content.

What could possibly do this to a hammer?

Reddit | Ok_advice

All it took was a failed attempt to pull out a nail, which should serve as a good reminder that you get what you pay for. A cheap hammer is just that.

The weather over Virginia got positively hellish recently.

Reddit | riskyjon90

Thankfully, asperitas clouds like this one form after a storm has passed through. Although it's still easy to see why some might fear being pulled into another dimension.

This table has an undeniably beautiful pattern on it, but it won't be the same tomorrow.

Reddit | Radio_Passive

That pattern is made in sand by a metal ball that's controlled by a magnet underneath.

These glasses were not made like this on purpose.

Reddit | bruins4thecup

They're transition lenses, and they've been stuck in a mesh pocket, creating the hashwork look.

This drawer, however, clearly was made like this on purpose.

Reddit | jackenos13

It fits around some pipes along the wall. Nice that the space doesn't get wasted, but it might still be a challenge to use.

How is there an 'S' floating on this drink?

Reddit | Zeusch

Well, someone dropped a Skittle in and the 'S' floated up on its own. For some reason, it didn't break down with the rest of the candy shell.

This snake is following the contours of a couch.

Reddit | Oddthefox

So, do snakes follow the same behavior as water, always flowing along the lowest point? Fascinating if true!

This guy grows hair from his fingers.

Reddit | gigaar

A skin graft taken from an area that grew hair still grows years later, which is pretty amazing when you think about it.

Someone spotted a strangely cubical cloud in the sky.

Reddit | HS_TakenSeriously

Which is almost weirder than the asperitas cloud earlier because clouds aren't supposed to have corners. Yet here it is!


Reddit | _Ineption

This orange had another, very little orange growing inside of it. Look how freaking cute that tiny orange is. I want to eat a teeny tiny orange slice so badly.

Fireworks preview.

Reddit | l3El2Tl2AM

This machine at a fireworks store will scan the barcode of any given firework and then show you a video of what that firework will look like. Poppin'!

Pedal to the... tile.

Reddit | Karakanov

These sinks have foot pedal controls rather than handles. This does save you from having to touch germ ridden water knobs with your freshly cleaned hands.

Finally, a use for that old crazy straw.

Reddit | Mesonicattic

I think there's something wrong with this Coke's bottle neck. He should maybe see a medical specialist. I know a great one — let me get you Dr. Pepper's number.

This keyboard is an optical illusion!

Reddit | Smexy_Zarow

When you look at this picture, you might see some floating back dots between the keys. It's an optical illusion. This is a still picture, not a gif. I promise!

I'm of two skies about this issue.

Reddit | titan3

This sky looks like it's been even split in two. What could it be? Aliens? I think it has to be aliens, right? Right. Case closed.

You don't see a lot of trees with corners.

Reddit | babushkaB

Obviously this tree was trimmed above the road in this way to make sure no cars or trucks get scratched up by the branches or the leaves, but it's definitely unique looking enough to stop you in your tracks.

This is a bad neighborhood. I think we should move.

Reddit | Xfatemi

This is a sidewalk that has a pedestrian lane, a bike lane, and a "running from dinosaurs" lane. I'm sure you can use it if you're just regularly running, but you better get out of the way if you hear growling and screaming behind you.

Just keep strumming...

Reddit | king_lear8

This Reddit user noticed his grandfather's guitar showed where it was that he put his fingers the most over his many years of playing it. I think I can juuuust make out 'Smoke on the Water.'

They don't grow 'em like this in the city.

Reddit | iTwango

This is a massive dandelion someone found out in the mountains. Mine never get to be that long, considering I pick them as soon as they turn white so I can get as many wishes as possible.

Ouch. That's gotta sting.

Reddit | NotPumpkinHead

This isn't a before and after for an anti-aging hand cream. This poor person got stung by a wasp on their right hand, and showed the difference in his hands caused by the swelling.

A real speaker-easy.

Reddit | Agent_-Orange

This is a homemade speaker crafted out of a scotch whiskey barrel. Hopefully the sound is as smooth as the whiskey was.

Welcome... aboard.

Reddit | lostinsaga

This "Welcome Aboard" sign washed up along the shore, which is a very neat find. It's a bit sad to think about where this came from... I choose to believe a sailor got cranky and threw it overboard to discourage guests.

Yeah. That's what happened.

I tawt I taw a big crack on the floor.

Reddit | EmmilyLWood

This Reddit user dropped their mug, but instead of the mug breaking, the mug broke... the floor. That is one heavy duty mug. They should be glad they didn't drop it on their foot.

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