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16+ Pics Showing How Time Can Break Down Just About Anything

When both items and people age well, it tends to impress us on a level that may surprise even ourselves.

It makes a kind of sense in terms of people as those who navigated the years with grace give us hope for our own uncertain futures. However, it's a little stranger with common objects because it feels like it shouldn't matter when an old tool manages to hold up well over time.

Yet it only takes a brief look at how many things don't make it that far to realize the things that are built to last are impressive in their own right.

Otherwise, they'd likely turn out like the items we're about to see.

As the uploader put it, the difference between these tool belts is 10 years of framing.

Reddit | Sturdyfootlong

However, it seems we shouldn't be surprised if this new belt ages a little better because they wrote that the first belt deteriorated as much as it did because they never oiled or conditioned the leather in it.

It's unclear how long this post has been securing boats in Cornwall's Charleston Harbor but I'm guessing we can measure it in decades.

Reddit | haircarpet

From the looks of it, it's probably about time for this post to retire because I can't see it lasting too much longer.

It's kind of cool how this kitchen floor is showing us multiple stages of its own wear and tear.

Reddit | TBone_5o5age

That slightly darker wood almost seems like an aesthetic improvement but it was likely much clearer as to what was going on when the finish started to come off.

I'm guessing this patch is near the oven?

Three years ago, these two hats would have both been green.

Reddit | pretendwedontexist

Due to how well the red star seemed to hold up, it's definitely understandable if you think someone put a new, white hat next to this green one.

But if you look closely, you can see some slight fading on the star on the left and confirm what happened here.

OK, there has to be more to what happened to the SIM card on the bottom than the simple ravages of time.

Reddit | La_Al-97

Even if they laid it out in the open, I'd say it would be more likely to get lost than turn out like this.

Did someone dangle it over a lighter or something?

Although it looks a little beat up, time has done more to this key chain commemorating a married couple's first date than it seems.

Reddit | BigSlow23

We can see that this date took place almost 20 years ago but there's no indication remaining that the key chain was once black.

This difference between in-soles shows that a lot can happen in a year.

Reddit | tielking

After all, time seems to tick even faster for stuff like this when we wear them every day. That's why my shoes never seemed to last long as a kid.

This spot apparently marks the site where the uploader studied for every exam they had over the last six years.

Reddit | TexasLawStudent

I suppose six years of shifting in and out of this seat would be enough to make these grooves in the floor but maybe some frustrated rocking helped as well.

I like how this pitcher's mound shows exactly what each player who stood on it has done with their feet.

Reddit | lakelly000

That black footprint shows the result of hundreds of pitchers planting one foot in that spot, while the more formless groove indicates all the ways their other foot has scraped it as the pitchers wound up.

Thanks to that motor scooter in the background, we can see exactly how this Barcelona parking lot ended up with so many tiny puddles.

Reddit | Johndes18

It also makes it very clear just how popular this vehicle design is in this city as these grooves were all created with similar kickstands.

Based on the wear and tear this gear shift has seen, it's clear that this equipment has seen a lot of use.


Apparently, this indicates how worn down the panel became after about 7,000 hours of use. This translates to about nine-and-a-half months.

There's a special reason why the two-year-old beads on the right look so much duller than the new ones.


Apparently, the uploader spins them around and generally fidgets with them to soothe their anxiety.

They also said they're looking forward to breaking the new ones in so it may not be so long before these two sets start looking similar.

These two Maori hooks were carved out of the same dark oak at the same time.

Reddit | SocialForceField

However, only one of them would end up hanging from the uploader's rear view mirror and soaking up the California sun for three years.

Ir's shouldn't be hard to guess which one.

Apparently, the uploader's mom bought a "backup" of their favorite toy back when they were 10 years old.

Reddit | Blue_Gal

From the looks of it, they weren't too rough on the left figure of Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon but he seems to live up to his name now.

Also, I regret to inform you that yes, the first movie in that series came out 10 years ago. I know, I feel old as well.

When the uploader said this shirt has seen better days, they weren't kidding.

Reddit | Charming_Yellow

It's unclear how long this person has been wearing this Spongebob shirt but it's apparently long enough that I didn't even recognize it as such.

I get it, though. I have a Bart Simpson shirt that's kind of like this.

Although this freightliner seems pretty sturdy, there's a clear sign that it's been in use for a while.

Reddit | zaderade

After all, those grooves formed by the keys swinging back and forth don't just appear overnight. That's a lot of scraping.

Considering how much time flies, a change like this can happen before you know it.

Reddit | Iwantmyteslanow

The uploader said this pantry door was white "at some point" and I guess it's fair to say that part of it still is. The rest is definitely taking on a distinctive yellow, though.

Considering how big of a role it played in their weight loss journey, it's easy to see why the end of this weightlifting belt would be a sentimental affair.

Reddit | SergeantBubbles7

That's especially true considering that its wearer revealed the belt had been in use for the past nine years. May it rest in peace.

The difference between these two respirators should make it clear just how harmful welding can be without the proper protection.

Reddit | themitchlife

Not only would all of this gunk have ended up in the welder's lungs rather than the filter but this was apparently the result of only a month of work.

Once a knife is sharpened enough times, it can become almost unrecognizable.

Reddit | Fingalien

As one commenter put it, regardless of what it was originally made for, it's basically a filet knife now. I wouldn't be surprised if it's still in use, though.

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