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10+ Facts About Meg Ryan Fans Didn't Know

Meg Ryan truly was America's Sweetheart. Throughout the '90s, Meg starred in an array of different romantic comedies that helped propel her to the upper stratosphere of fame.

With fall just around the corner, it's the perfect time to cuddle up and watch When Harry met Sally. Get to know the woman behind the role by checking out these 10+ facts about Meg Ryan that fans didn't know!

Meg Ryan is a stage name.

Meg's given name is Margaret Mary Emily Hyra (of Ruthenian descent).

When she was accepted into the Screen Actors Guild, Meg put forward the name Ryan, which was the maiden name of her grandmother.

Though she's known for romantic comedies, Meg's first film role was in the horror movie *Amityville 3-D*.

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If you think 3-D movies are bad now, just think about what they used to look like back in the '80s!

Is anyone old enough to remember those blue and red plastic glasses that they used to hand out?

Meg has 3 Golden Globe nominations to her name!

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Sadly, no wins (at least not yet). During the '90s, Meg became known as "America's Sweetheart," from starring in an array of romantic comedies.

She was nominated for When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, as well as You've Got Mail.

Her first acting job was in a commercial for Burger King!

Commercials in the '80s were so much better than they are today. That's not a nostalgic comment, it's just an observation.

The campy aesthetic is even tastier than the Whoppers themselves!

Meg was once married to Dennis Quaid.

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The power couple was married for more than 10 years before calling it quits.

Rumors surrounding Quaid's alcoholism and Ryan's alleged affair with Russell Crowe fanned the flames and created a media storm.

She's a super villain!

In the early '90s, there was once a failed cartoon called Captain Planet and the Planeteers. It centered around a group of environmentally conscious teens as they fought enemies of the ecosystem!

Meg played Dr. Blight, a brilliant beautiful mind with a scarred psyche.

Meg's brother was a famous musician!

Are you familiar with the music of folk duo Billy Pilgrim? If not, then you should be.

Meg's brother, Andrew Hyra, is one of the principal songwriters, as well as the vocalist for the band.

She's a director!

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In 2015, Meg made her directorial debut with Ithaca — a WWII period piece about a young postal messenger and his family.

Meg also stars in the film alongside her son, Jack, and longtime friend and Sleepless in Seattle co-star, Tom Hanks.

Meg is a Disney Princess — sort of.

Back in 1997, Meg lent her voice to the animated featured Anastasia. The film was produced by Fox Animation Studios but since Disney acquired 21st Century Fox, it now technically owns Anastasia.

What do you think? Princess or no Princess?

She received an incredible amount of backlash for her film *In The Cut*.

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In The Cut was the film that killed Meg Ryan's career. It was a stark departure from the romantic comedy roles and the persona her fans had come to know and appreciate.

She was also chastised for her decision to go nude in the film.

Meg has an adoptive daughter.

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Meg adopted Daisy from China when she was only 14-months-old. According to Meg, Daisy was the family's missing piece.

In case you were curious —she and Meg's biological son, Jack, get along perfectly.

Meg has made a cameo on *The Simpsons*!


How do you know you've truly made it in Hollywood? When you get cast as a guest on The Simpsons. That's how!

Meg appeared in season 18 playing Dr. Swanson, Bart's school appointed therapist.

Rob Reiner coached her during the fake orgasm scene in *When Harry Met Sally*.

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Meg was initially a little shy about performing her fake orgasm in front of so many extras and strangers. So director Rob Reiner figured he'd help her out.

“She proceeds to have an orgasm that Mighty Joe Young would be proud of,” said Billy Crystal jokingly to People.

Acting runs in her family.

Meg has a son named Jack with her ex-husband, Dennis Quaid. It turns out that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, either. Jack is the star of one of the biggest TV dramas currently on-air.

You can see him on the Amazon Prime smash hit series The Boys.

Savage Garden wrote a song inspired by their obsession with Meg Ryan!

I know what you're thinking and no — it isn't "Truly, Madly, Deeply." Meg was the muse for the pop duo's single "All Around Me."

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