10+ Hidden Details In 'Trolls' Fans Missed

If you're looking for a movie that's all-singing, all-dancing, all the time, then look no further than Trolls. It's a delightful film with an incredibly eclectic and talented voice cast.

The movie also does a good job of inserting clever Easter Eggs throughout. Have a look and see if you were able to spot these 10+ hidden details in Trolls most fans missed.

Doesn't that disco ball look familiar?


If you're a fan of the Shrek films than it sure should!

The disco ball is seen on Bridget and Gristle's first date and it's the identical one used by the ogres in Shrek Forever After.

There's a reference to *The Shining* that you might have missed.


Pay close attention as Prince Gristle bombs around the castle on his tricycle.

It's a very clear homage to one of the more memorable scenes from Stanley Kubrick's horror masterpiece — The Shining.

Remembering Justin Timberlake's time on *SNL*.


Keep your eyes on Princess Poppy during the scene where she's dancing in the basket costume with large gloves.

SNL fans should spot it right away: it's a wink to JT's characters from "Bring It On Down."

An ode to Roald Dahl.


Pay attention as Princess Poppy picks and eats a blueberry. Immediately, she starts sprouting blue spots and blows up like a big balloon.

This is another clear reference to a classic film (and book) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Norman Rockwell makes an appearance.


His art does, at the very least. The famous Rockwell painting in question is called "Freedom From Want," which depicts a family sitting down for thanksgiving.

In Trolls, the Bergens are shown sitting down for the Trollstice feast.

There's a reason why the first troll we see in the film is made out of wood.

The movie Trolls is actually inspired by the real-life Troll doll toys. They were created by a man by the name of Thomas Dam.

Dam was a woodcarver, hence the first Troll doll he ever made was wooden!

When fanny-packs were all the rage.


As I mentioned earlier, Trolls is based on the popular toy of the same name.

The film saw fit to include other odes to the '80s, including a very stylish looking fanny pack.

A familiar video game medley.

Try to focus in on the music playing in the background as Bridget and Gristle eat their pizza.

I know I'm going to age myself terribly here, but that's the music track from the immensely popular arcade game, Pac-Man!

Do the *Trolls* watch Gordon Ramsay?


Chef in Trolls has a lot in common with legendary chef and restaurateur — Gordon Ramsay.

There's even a line where one of the trolls responds with "Yes, chef! Thank you, chef!", which is precisely how Gordon Ramsay is addressed by his brigade.

A musical connection to the Troll doll's homeland.


The song "Move Your Feet" that's heard in the film and in the trailer is by a band called Junior Senior.

All three members of the band originally hail from Jutland, the same place where the Troll doll was invented!

Portions of the film were hand-drawn!

It sounds crazy to say but before the days of CGI — all animated features were drawn by hand!

The intro scenes, as well as all of the scenes with scrapbooking, were all done by stop motion.

A hidden dig at Pixar?


The pink flamingo is a common Pixar Easter Egg that appears in many of their films. As you can see, the pink flamingo lawn ornament is shown getting chopped off at the head.

Coincidence or subtle stab? You decide.

A shout out to *Cinderella*


Everyone knows the story of Cinderella and her glass slipper. Trolls goes a similar route with Bridget and her roller skate.

In fact, her whole story arc is one giant wink at the classic Disney fairytale.