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10+ Random Facts About Drew Barrymore Fans Didn't Know

Drew Barrymore is, without a doubt, one of the greatest gifts that the '90s ever gave us.

If not for her, we wouldn't have movies like, E.T., Charlie's Angels, Never Been Kissed, 50 First Dates, The Wedding Singer, He's Just Not That Into You, and Blended.

While we're, obviously, familiar with her work, there is so much more to be said about her! Here are some random facts about Drew that fans didn't know.

Drew Barrymore is one of the most famous actresses in the world.

While the '90s and early 2000s were definitely the highest points of her movie career, people are more in love with her than ever because of her vulnerability on social media.

Not only that, but fans love following her journey with sobriety.

However, there is still plenty that fans don't know about her!

Luckily, we are here to help with the following random facts! Let us know your favorite at the end of the article!

1. She landed her first acting gig when she was less than a year old.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

Many might assume that her role in the iconic film E.T, was her first acting job since she was so young at the time.

But it turns out that she got her first gig in a Puppy Chow commercial when she was just 11 months old.

2. She was the youngest person ever to host an episode of *Saturday Night Live*.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

We've seen just about every celebrity under the sun host SNL at one point or another, but Drew Barrymore is the only one to have hosted it as a seven-year-old.

She still holds the record for youngest person ever to host!

3. She has been sober for years.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

In her early teen years, Drew struggled with drugs and alcohol.

She spent three months in rehab when she was 14 years old and she has been clean ever since.

In hindsight, she is glad that she got the most turbulent period of her life over with when she was 14 as opposed to now.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

"You know what’s exciting? I got my [expletive] over with at, like 14. Like, midlife crisis, institutionalized, blacklisted, no family. Got it done," she told TODAY.

"And then [I] got into the cycle of being my own parent," she added.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

"It’s sad that there’s this weird alchemy about kids doing this line of work that [expletive] all of them up, and I’m no different."

4. She was legally emancipated from her parents when she was just 14.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

In an interview with TODAY, Drew revealed that she never really had much of a relationship with her father and that her mother was more of a friend to her than a mom-figure.

"I had a mom, but she was more like my best friend," she said.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

"She was like, 'Do you want to go to school and get bullied all day, or do you want to go to Studio 54?' And I was like, 'Yes, absolutely! I don't want to spend the day with these little [expletive] who are just awful.' Kids are so mean."

5. She is the godmother of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain's daughter, Frances Bean.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

While Drew and Courtney used to be close friends, she has recently admitted that they have drifted away from each other and that she doesn't see Frances as much as she'd like to.

6. Comedy is her favorite TV and movie genre.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

”I personally truly love comedy the most, and the more I grow up, the more I appreciate it,” she told EW.

"I actually would really love to do a movie with Tom Green.”

7. She has made three films with Adam Sandler, and is a big fan of his.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

"I thought Adam had a goodness that was so unique. I could tell that he possessed something different, and I was drawn to his light. I wanted to make love stories, but I wanted them to have a certain energy that was about true love and chemistry and timelessness, and I was convinced of us doing something together," she explained in her book, Wildflower.

8. She owns her own production company.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

There's no question that most of us are familiar with Drew's work in front of the camera.

But you might be surprised to know that her production company, Flower Films, is responsible for quite a few Hollywood hits such as Never Been Kissed, 50 First Dates, Charlie's Angels, and Donnie Darko.

9. Her dog once saved her life.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

Back in the late '90s, Drew revealed that her dog at the time, Flossie, managed to alert her in the middle of the night that her L.A. home had caught on fire.

The dog "barked and literally banged on the bedroom door," she revealed to People.

10. She loves roller coasters.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

In an interview with Oprah, Drew revealed that she is a thrill-seeker — always on the hunt for an amusement ride that can make her heart drop into her stomach.

She revealed that her all-time favorite ride is the Big Shot in Las Vegas.

11. She is bisexual.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

"Do I like women sexually? Yeah, I do. Totally. I have always considered myself bisexual," she revealed in an interview with Contact Music in 2003.

The following year she added that she "used to go with lots of women."

12. She has a makeup line called Flower Beauty.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

When you think Drew Barrymore, makeup probably isn't the first thing that springs to mind.

Nonetheless, she has her hand in many pots outside of acting, and beauty is one of them!

13. She was excited to start her talk show and step away from acting.

It is important for her to feel more like herself, and that is what her talk show will allow her to do.

Since she isn't playing a character, it's refreshing for her.

"I get to do things that I care about," she told *People*. "I get to share things that are important to me. I get to have conversations that are meaningful and grounded in reality."

"I get to bring comedy and humor. It's funny, I always say in late night, you get that permission because everybody lived their life and you did a good job. 'We're going to put you to bed with some laughs.' Uh-uh, I want to start the day that way."

14. She homeschooled her children during the pandemic.

And she admitted that she cried a LOT when trying to be a teacher.

However, when she realized that she was in no position to complain because of her status, she picked herself back up and got to work.

15. She was originally against her daughters becoming actors, but now she has accepted their wishes.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

She said that she will support their dreams and do her absolute best to give them a normal childhood.

That is what counts more than anything else, tbh. I'm sure they will appreciate their mother's insight and support.

16. Her healthy habits have nothing to do with food and exercise.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

She told New Beauty that it is all about her emotional state.

"Being as nice as I can. Not being a total A-hole. Just being in a good mood at work, not losing my cool when my kids lose their cool. Not sweating the small stuff."

"I’ve realized that even when the little things aggravate you and seem really big and monumental, or even very public within your own circle and you just wish you could hide your problems, you just can’t lose your cool. Be nice through all of it."

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

"That’s always when I feel the best, no matter what. Go put it out in some private corner and then show up and just be good to everyone."

17. She never wants to get married again.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

"And I also believe people should not say the word ‘never,’ and I will never, with a capital N-E-V-E-R, never get married," she told People. "It’s like I have two options: Cut it — this has not worked — or be Elizabeth Taylor."

"And I have too many more to go. I never want to be entwined with someone like that again ever. You break up, and you move on. You get divorced, and it’s just so different."

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

"I love that we are trying to hold on to an institution that [started] when the closest person to you for companionship was a three-day horse ride away and your life span was 30 years."

18. She has one very solid piece of advice for women who need to recharge their batteries.

What is it?

To put on a face mask. It is very clearly her way of relaxing and recharging her batteries, which means it must be good for us too!

19. She values her independence.

She mentioned in an Instagram post that what makes her happy is the love she now has for herself, and the love she has with her children.

It's more than enough to keep her happy. We love an independent queen!

20. She is open about her mental health.

Considering her past, it makes sense that she would want to be more transparent about her emotional state as an adult.

She has admitted that some days are very difficult, but she always makes sure to get back up again.

21. She told New Beauty that motherhood has changed her perspective on ageing.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

"I do feel like I’m on an upswing. I just went through a couple of hard years, and I can see it wearing on my face. It’s not about aging, it’s about how I am on the inside. There’s also a very long period when you’re raising kids when it takes it out of you."

"When it depletes your ability to take care of yourself because your new job is doing nothing but taking care of someone else and you love it. I’m not all about working from the inside out—I’m not big on meditation—but I do think your outside cannot hide your inside."

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

"I’m now determined more than ever to show my daughters that aging is a luxury. If we’re lucky, we are all going to age. I just want them to be at peace with who they are and not what they look like. If they are good, cool people, that’s all I care about. That said, I feel like people— myself included—have a 2019 new-battery recharge. I’m one of many who are coming out of a semi-difficult hibernation. Like in the spring. And hope springs eternal!"

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