Couple Transforms Old RVs Into Stylish Tiny Homes On Wheels

Have you ever thought about getting an RV? I've been contemplating the idea especially since housing prices are still out of my budget.

Surprisingly, you can usually get an RV for a bargain if you buy it secondhand. Then, you might want to give it a reno for that personal, homey touch. This couple runs the RV Fixer Upper Instagram account and transforms old RVs into amazing tiny homes on wheels. I'm totally digging these makeovers.

Can you imagine what a little bright coat of paint can do to an otherwise old RV?

Well, in this case, a lot. And of course, putting in new cabinets and appliances made a big difference as well. This RV got a totally new lease on life here.

This transformation took the RV from out-dated to modern.

I absolutely hate the way this RV interior looked before the renovation. Now, it looks so good I want to live in it, ha, ha! How about you?

Who knew you could have a modern fireplace like this in an RV? I certainly didn't.

This is something I would expect to see in a regular house and not in a moving vehicle. Am I right or what?

Whoa, talk about a huge makeover here. I can't even recognize this RV's living room.

Can you believe how dingy this space looked like before? I wouldn't want to stay there for a moment. Now, I could spend hours, if not weeks here.

Oh my, this RV looks like a totally different space after it got this remodel.

I dunno how this was done but I wouldn't question any of it. It looks so good I can't even wrap my head around it.

Wow, a shower inside of a bedroom — that's first for me ha, ha!

I guess it's the only space they had available for it. If you're going to have it there, you might as well make it beautiful. And, this one looks really cool.

This kitchen area got such a nice modern upgrade here.

I think it looks so much better than before. What do you think? Are you in favor of this remodel? I gotta say I dig this whole aesthetic a lot.

Aww, isn't this bedroom so cozy?

I would love to just spend some lazy Saturdays and Sundays laying in bed here. Then I would just take off and go for a road trip ha, ha. In an RV like this, it would be a pleasure.

I dunno about you, but I would kill to have a kitchen like this. It's so homey and welcoming.

The fact that it's inside of an RV is pretty dang amazing. The amount of work that went into this must've been harrowing.

The transformation of this RV living room area is absolutely blowing me away here.

I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between this and a full-size house. I would have never guessed that this is an actual RV. The amount of light here is stunning.

I honestly can't get over how amazing these RV makeovers look here.

If I ever end up buying an old one I would love for it to be remodeled like this. The difference in the way these RVs look is absolutely unbelievable.

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