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Fans Are Dragging Katy Perry For Her 'Creepy' Nursery Room Tour

The excitement for a new baby effects everyone differently. Sometimes people are overemotional and cry at everything, and other times people are giddy and constantly feel silly and excited.

It looked like Katy Perry had a nice mix of the two, as a video she shared shortly before giving birth has garnered a lot of recent attention.

Katy Perry is obviously no stranger to doing things that aren't quite "normal."

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Like when she announced to the world that she was pregnant by including shots of her pregnant belly in a music video out of nowhere!

Honestly, that is such a power move!

Or when she showed off the unique engagement ring that fiancé Orlando Bloom proposed with on Instagram.

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"Full bloom," Katy captioned the photo, which featured a flashy engagement ring in the shape of a flower.

Orlando shared the same photo, but captioned it, "Lifetimes."

The unique ring wasn't for everyone, but it was definitely perfect for Katy!

Katy Perry recently gave birth to her first child, Daisy Dove Bloom.

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Before the birth of her daughter, Katy gave a room tour of the nursery, which many fans have only recently discovered.

In the video, Katy can be seen wearing a clown costume while showing off different elements of the baby's room and making a crying face and sound afterwards, ostensibly because the items are cute.

However, many found Katy's behavior to be uncomfortable and "creepy."

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"Has anyone seen the full video of Katy Perry sharing her baby's nursery room? Creepy af," one fan tweeted.

"is nobody gonna talk abt how freaking weird and creepy katy perry’s baby nursery room tour was. i’m scared," another fan added.

Some fans were pretty concerned.

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"Has anyone else noticed how weird Katy Perry is? Like she wasn’t like who she used to be... I’ve been watching Katy since 2013. She filmed a nursery tour and it had a very creepy energy to it," one fan said.

Others had some opinions about Katy's baby outfits.

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"Katy perry nursery room tour was uncomfortable & those outfits are ugly return them," tweeted one fan after seeing outfits like a sailor's shirt and a onesie covered in pictures of Orlando Bloom's face.

Some fans defended the video.

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“omg katy perry was making WEIRD NOISES while showing her baby room she is so creepy I’m deeply concerned for her kid” shut up karen just say you can’t see anything slightly different from what you are used to without having to insert yourself in the narrative and go," one fan said in defense of the video.

Some blamed the whole situation on hormones.

To be fair, Katy was heavily pregnant during the filming of the video, and was also hard at work promoting her new album that dropped only a few days after the baby was born. She was probably exhausted!

Fans stood up for Katy's mental health after other people called her weird.

It's awesome that Katy has so many dedicated fans willing to stand up for her and defend her (especially when she's probably too busy with a newborn baby to do much defending of herself)!

You can watch the video for yourself right here.

What do you make of it? Was Katy just being silly and having a bit of fun while giving a tour of the nursery, or was her behavior as creepy and concerning as some people thought? Let us know in the comments!

Regardless, we're glad that Katy, Orlando, and baby Daisy are all happy and healthy!

We're sure that Katy is not too bothered by people on the internet talking about a nursery tour, especially when she's probably got her hands full at the moment!