WTF Notebooks

WTF Notebooks Perfectly Sum Up Our Thoughts On Life And Work

Since the pandemic struck, we've definitely been taking note of how life has changed, and how happy hour seems to start earlier and earlier every day.

We also happened to notice just how much these WTF notebooks fit into the new daily chaos of both home and work life.

There just isn't any drawing the line with these notebooks.

WTF Notebooks

Whether you're using them to jot down a few things around the house, for taking some important notes for work, or as a handy napkin to wipe away some spilled beer (don't worry, we won't tell), these WTF notebooks are perfect for all of the WTF days that pandemic life may throw your way.

Life can feel rather stationary, but these notebooks will take you anywhere.

WTF Notebooks

While our current situation is (hopefully) temporary, annoying coworkers often feel like they go on forever.

We might not be able to do much about it, but we can certainly vent our frustrations in these very gratifying notebooks. Extra points for detailed illustrations!

These notebooks are just tear-ably hilarious!

WTF Notebooks

I don't know. This notebook might not even have enough pages for me and my reasons.

For those extra hard days and those extra annoying bosses.

WTF Notebooks

We've all had those days where the big boss can be a big pain. Why not save your job and put it in this handy dandy notebook instead?

We've heard of scream rooms; think of these as your scream books. They're a tad more poetic.

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