8+ Brilliant Ikea Hacks To Upgrade The Bedroom

Is your bedroom in need of a makeover? I hear you, mine is definitely lacking some style. But did you know there are simple Ikea hacks you can implement to transform your bedroom into the space you always wanted?

Oh, yes, indeed. And, I guarantee you're going to not only love them but you'll also want to make these changes ASAP, ha, ha!

1. This Bedroom Divider

Imgur | uno1331

This person used an Ikea Billy bookcase to create a cool room divider to separate their living space from their bedroom. Isn't this such a fabulous idea? I think this is so clever and easy to do.

2. This Upcycled Work Desk

Here's a great idea to upcycle some Ikea drawers into a cool bedroom desk such as this one. What a great little home office space that was created here. It can pretty much fit anywhere if you ask me.

3. This Sloped Bedroom Storage

Ikea Hackers

How cool does this transformation of a bedroom look? This person was able to remake the empty space under a sloped ceiling and turn it into a storage space using Ikea's kitchen cabinets. Imagine how much they can store there now?

4. This Clothes Display Idea

Ikea Hackers

If you don't shy away from displaying some of your clothes in your bedroom, you may like this idea. You can use wall brackets to easily hang your clothes on the hangers. Doesn't this look so cool?

5. This Storage Unit

Reddit | ShaunTheDog

How interesting is this bedroom storage idea? This family ended up using seven Billy bookcases (five full unites and two half units) with Oxberg doors to line their bedroom wall. This looks really fantastic and quite functional too, right?

6. This Under-The-Bed Storage Idea

Ikea Hackers

If you have an old Ikea dresser you no longer need, make sure you do this. Take out the drawers and use them as under the bed storage. I never would have thought of doing that.

7. This Floating Shelf


One of the most versatile pieces you can get at Ikea is the Lack wall shelf. You can use it in your bedroom to display books or cute pictures. It can give your room more personality and character.

8. These Storage Chests

Ikea Hackers

If you have a very small bedroom and are looking for something that could fit the space, look no further than the Rast dressers. Here, two of them got quite the makeover and now look pretty spectacular.

9. These Unique Hangers

Ikea Hackers

These Ikea Bertil chairs got cut up and transformed into these cool storage and display units for clothes. A simple solution for hanging up clothes in the morning and they look really cool, too.

10. This Bedroom Vanity Dresser

Ikea Hackers

Did you know you can actually fancy up an Ikea Malm dressing table? All you need to do is to add a mirror, hair appliance caddy and a drawer handle. Doesn't it look so cute here?

11. This Kid-Friendly Bedroom

Reddit | kmw202

Oh my goodness, how wonderful are these parents? They actually transformed their kid's bedroom into a Frozen-themed scene. Here they used the Kura bunkbeds to create such a fun environment for their kids. I bet the kiddos are thrilled.

12. This DIY Bed Frame

Reddit | LilFootAtTadmor

If you're a handy person, you might want to take some notes here. This person was able to make a queen bed frame using some scrap lumber and a few Ikea Kallax shelving units. Nice!

13. This Floating Nightstand

Ikea Hackers

How cool is this wall-mounted Eket cube that got transformed into a fancy nightstand? Isn't this such a clean and chic idea? I would totally do something like this if I had the right space in my bedroom.

Who knew you could do so much to transform your boring bedroom with the clever use of some Ikea items, huh?

I know I need to spruce up my bedroom decor so badly. I can't wait to implement a few of the strategies here.