15+ Things We Never Expected To Discover About Our World

There's too much knowledge out there to be absorbed for anyone to be an expert in everything. That's why people pick specialties.

But thanks to the internet and its endless collection of photos and facts, you can become semi-knowledgeable about lots of stuff. It really helps at Trivia Night, at least.

Refined squirrel.

Reddit | Splooorky

Someone was walking along the sidewalk when they spotted this squirrel, casually using a proper fork to enjoy a succulent strawberry. It's nice to see animals with manners.


Reddit | combatpaddler

If you've ever thought hurricanes are nothing more than a moderate windstorm, check out this pic of Hurricane Laura's aftermath. Yes, those are sharks that have been blown out of the ocean and into power lines.

The land before time.

Reddit | Browndog888

These towering, odd-looking plants are giant groundsels. They date back to prehistoric times and can typically be found in high altitudes in Africa. They're related to sunflowers.

Everyone needs groceries.

Reddit | Braydon-J-Durham

The audacity of geese will never cease to amuse me. This mother goose and all of her goslings decided to stroll into a grocery store to take a look around.


Reddit | KimberlyCTaylor

The way this spring flows perfectly through a living tree almost makes you think that the tree was grown to fulfill this purpose. It wasn't though; this is just a happy accident.

A different kind of monument.


Everyone's familiar with the four presidential faces carved into Mount Rushmore. But not far away is this similar monument to Crazy Horse, a legendary Lakota leader.

Raw energy.

Reddit | travelstars

This perfectly-timed photo shows not just a nifty explosion but also the explosion's shock wave. It's incredible how it's clear but distorts what's behind it.


Reddit | chopymanb

This is the kea, the only member of the parrot family to live in mountainous, alpine regions. It looks like a cross between a parrot and a falcon.

Ripped cat.

Reddit | Roylainey

My chonky cat can barely pull herself off the couch to get fed but this hairless cat is about as ripped as a cat could ever be. Just look at those biceps.

350 million years in one photo.

Reddit | MooMooCow713

This sea stack is constantly losing bits and pieces to the sea below. But there's still enough left to see the geological history of the last 350 million years.


Reddit | kavien

Here's another hurricane aftermath photo, one that shows that even the biggest trees are no match for hurricane-force winds. This one's been twisted around like a twig.

River, meet ocean.

Reddit | --l--

I assume these waters — the blue from the ocean, and the brown from a river — will combine eventually. But in this location, they're divided by a clean line.

Life finds a way.

Reddit | 0ni0ncuttingninja

This gecko has an unusual mutation: a forked tail. It looks like it isn't hindering the little lizard, though. It almost seems like it could help with balance or grip.

Smol boi.

Reddit | Vithil999

If frogs get tinier than this, I'd love to see proof. This little frog is fully-grown, even though it's significantly smaller than many tadpoles of larger frog species.

Strange bedfellows.

Reddit | Dubber35

These spiders have set up shop immediately outside this beehive. In video game parlance, I believe this is what's referred to as 'spawn camping.'

Red sky at night.

Reddit | MrLeoGP

Well, this isn't a red sky exactly, more of a red sun. Wildfires can turn midday sunlight into twilight and reduce the sun to a dull, red dot in the sky.

A whole world.

Reddit | standingbear10

The condensation dripping down from this air conditioning unit combined with the sheltered overhang have created a small ecosystem where a bunch of little plants are thriving.


Reddit | Mundane_Nectarine_41

This plant leaf has a disease, which is a bummer. But the disease has caused it to take on this weird grid pattern, which is at least kind of cool.

I thought they were all green.

Reddit | prince-pauper

Everyone knows that jalapeños are green, right? Well, as it turns out, if they're allowed to ripen fully, they actually change into a brilliant red hue.

Perfectly preserved.

Reddit | Madman_suhas

A whole ton of sea mollusks died in one area a long, long time ago. That area was perfectly preserved, and the resulting fossils are a sight to behold.

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