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10+ 'Avatar' Mistakes Fans Didn't Catch

James Cameron is a genius when it comes to filmmaking. In a long line of hits, it's difficult to discern a favorite. But a top contender, without question, has got to be Avatar.

But even a genius like Cameron isn't without faults and Avatar is proof of that. See what I mean and check out these 10+ Avatar mistakes fans didn't catch!

1. There's something wrong with the audio in Jake and Neytiri's meet cute.

Watch as Jake goes to grab Neytiri's arm when they first encounter one another.

If you listen, you'll hear the sound effect about a second before he actually grabs her.

2. What happened to Neytiri's arrow?

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This happens right when Jake and Neytiri are walking through the forests of Pandora, near the home tree.

She starts off the scene with a bow and arrow in her hand. But part-way through the scene, the arrow completely vanishes.

3. Grace just destroyed her own experiment.

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If you watch carefully in Jake's video diary, you'll get a shot of Grace doing some kind of experiment. You can see her draw liquid into what's known as an Eppendorf pipette.

She then inverts the vile, which would have destroyed the sample.

4. Are Jake's arms folded or unfolded.

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As Jake is being briefed on his mission from Parker Selfridge, there's something not quite right about his arms.

The scene begins with both arms resting forward on the table. With each cut scene, they change positions from folded to straight.

5. That's not sector 12.

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During the same scene, the group is looking at a digital map of Pandora. Parker asks that the map be 'scrubbed' to sector 12.

It's hard to notice because it's a mirror-image, but the sector reads 128 — not 12.

6. Who moved the boss' balls?

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Take a look as Parker Selfridge (Giovanni Ribisi) is hitting golf balls into a cup. When he makes his first putt, we can see that the other two balls are grouped together at the end of the felt.

Yet as soon as the camera cuts, somehow they've now separated.

7. Grace's hand position on Jake's arm keeps jumping around.

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Pay attention as Jake first disconnects with his Avatar. It takes him a while to acclimate and he brought back to consciousness by Grace.

If you look at her hand placement, it switches from his upper arm to his shoulder, and back again with each camera cut.

8. Who painted the #11 on that battle bot?

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When Jake and Quaritch first begin their conversation, you can see a red connect-strap on the robot's right side.

But when the robot comes online and the camera cuts away, the strap has vanished and all of a sudden there is a giant #11 painted on the robot's leg.

9. How did Jake get his dagger back?

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When Jake first lands on the tree of souls, atop Toruk, there is clearly no dagger within the sheath strapped across his chest.

But just a few frames later, Jake once again has the dagger!

10. How did Grace move so quickly?

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When Jake first hoists himself up from his wheelchair, right before he's about to enter his avatar for the first time, we get a shot of Grace helping him left his legs up into the pod.

But just a moment later, when the camera cuts, Grace is somehow now halfway across the room!

How in the heck did she manage to do that?

That's a lot of ground for one person to cover in the span of only a couple of seconds.

11. That's the wrong command, Col. Quaritch.

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Near the end of the movie, in the final big battle scene, the Col. gives the command "Weapons Free," and orders his soldiers to engage with the hostiles.

This could have spelled tragedy, had they actually listened.

"Weapons Free" means to engage any target that hasn't been positively ID'd as a "friendly."

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What he should have said was "Weapons Tight." This is the proper command which allows soldiers to engage all confirmed hostile targets.

Otherwise, it would have been an absolute bloodbath.

12. Jake would have been long dead.

When Jake is being transferred to his new permanent Na' vi body, it's an emotional scene, to say the least.

But his human body can be seen without an oxygen mask. It takes Eywa time to transfer a soul — Jake would have died from oxygen deprivation.