Quotes For When The Highlight Of Your Day Is Amazon Delivery

I always had a bad habit of buying too much online, but since the novel coronavirus has us cooped up, that bad habit has become a full-blown addiction.

Even now, when stores are mostly open as long as you wear a mask, it still feels like anything that isn't food is too "nonessential" to merit a trip out.

Even when I do go out, it needs to be with a clear goal in mind.

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Browsing just isn't what it used to be, since I often feel like if I pick something up to look at it, it's rude to put it back on the shelf for someone else to touch.

Forget "you break it, you buy it"; it's "you touch it, you buy it" now.

Still, when you've been cooped up at home, working and relaxing in the same room, any new arrival is a novelty.

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Even if said new arrival is a box from Amazon that's three sizes too big for the charging cable I ordered last night.

I am trying to give in less to temptation, though. (She says with an Ikea order, a Kickstarter reward, and three Amazon boxes currently in transit.)

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However, I am one of those people who got hit with the home improvement bug during lockdown and there are simply things I need to order if I'm going to complete them. So the Ikea order is justified!

The others are probably less-so, but frankly, I'm struggling to remember what's in them right now.

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You could call that a red flag, but I prefer to think of it as turning my deliveries into special surprises from myself that I get to open after a reasonable disinfection period.

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