11+ Models Who Aren't Afraid To Challenge Beauty Norms

Every part of you is beautiful, and these models want you to know that.

These days, models aren't just the regular runway fashion models — they're activists, influencers, and speak truth to what the beauty and fashion industry has done to our sense of reality.

Our bodies are meant to be weird and bumpy and imperfect, and these amazing people are here to remind you of that fact every single day.

Chidera Eggerue

AKA @theslumflower, aka the inventor of the hashtag #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER, aka my new obsession.

She's a black activist, a model, and a body positive influencer who champions saggy breasts and protecting lives.

Sylvia Mac

AKA @love_disfigure.

She not only accepts the scars she got from a burn, she embraces them wholly. And she wants you to love your body, too!

Tarik Carroll

AKA @theeverymanproject.

Founded by photographer Tarik Caroll, The Everyman Project is dedicated to the reformation of male aesthetics. It embraces all types of men for exactly how they are!

Tabria Majors

AKA @tabriamajors.

She's an amazing model who has worked with the likes of Savage x Fenty, Skims, Old Navy, and more!

Hannah Witton

AKA @hannahwitton.

She's a sex and relationship therapist, a newlywed, and she has a stoma! She has no problem showing it off and sharing stories about what it's like to have a stoma.

Sarah Frances Young

AKA @bodypositivepear.

Sarah had a lot to say about the horrible focus put on diet culture during a global pandemic:

"So I just want to remind you that your worth is not dependent on your weight. That your health is not defined by your weight regardless of what people keep saying."


Hunter McGrady

AKA @huntermcgrady.

She's incredibly passionate about making sure women see themselves represented in her work!

"[...] I know that the woman who for so long hasn’t seen her body represented will hopefully feel seen, heard, and understood," she said.

Stevie Blaine

AKA @bopo.boy.

"Instead of celebrating my differences I hated them. I hated my big chest, stretch marks, scared feet and belly rolls. I wanted to look like everybody else."

Now, he celebrates them, and he wants to show people that it's okay to not look like anyone on TV! He's also a LGBTQIA advocate!

Rozanna Purcell

AKA @rozannapurcell.

She's a former Miss Universe contestant who champions having a positive relationship with your body, and with exercise.

"I used to train cause I hated my body, as punishment for eating. [...] Now, I train cause I love my body; I train to get strong, get faster, move better."

Allison Kimmey

AKA @allisonkimmey.

"I am a masterpiece. I am a masterpiece as a size 4. I am a masterpiece as a size 18. I am a masterpiece because of who I am, not in spite of it."

Jada Sezer

AKA @jadasezer.

"Beauty ideals don’t exist, it’s what we believe and buy into. We come in all shapes and wonderful sizes."

What an actual angel!

Sonny Turner

AKA @sonnyturner___.

She thinks of working out and exercise as an excuse to admire the body she's in.

"t makes me see my body in different angles & poses, like my squishy bits, that helps me to accept and love my body for how it looks and seeing what it’s capable of. "

Thickleeyonce (Lesego Legobane)

AKA @thickleeyonce.

"I love the skin I am in. I love every single scar, both physical and mental. I am overcoming. I am healing. I am powerful.‬"

She is all those things and more!

Em Ford

AKA @mypaleskinblog.

She has been championing skin positivity for years. As a severe acne sufferer, she has chronicled her up and down journey with acne and her acceptance of it on her Instagram.

Madeline Stuart

AKA @madelinesmodelling_.

Madeline quickly rose to fame as one of the first models with Down Syndrome to gain worldwide recognition. She has walked countless runways and graced the cover of numerous magazines. She's also a fierce advocate for inclusivity in the beauty industry.

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