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10+ 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Mistakes Fans Didn't Catch

You know how everyone always talks about how Hugh Jackman was the perfect cast for Wolverine? Well, if anyone could ever rival that level of symbiosis, it would be Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

The character and the actor blend so perfectly that you can't tell where one ends and the other begins.

Take a look at some of the more imperfect elements with these 10+ Spider-Man: Homecoming mistakes that fans didn't catch.

1. What's going on with the receipt tape in the register?

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For this first mistake, you're going to want to set your eyes upon the white piece of receipt tape.

As soon as the camera cuts away and back to Peter, it changes drastically!

It's practically falling off the ream!

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Nothing was rung through the register and there's no audible sound of a printer — so what gives?

I never noticed this at first and now it's all I see.

2. Did they fast-forward through *Civil War*?

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The first time we ever see Tom Holland as Spider-Man is in Avengers: Civil War. He steals Captain America's shield and has a lengthy dialogue before he says "Hey everyone!"

Only in the flashback scene, he says the line immediately after taking the shield.

3. What happened to the mini van parked outside?

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Watch as Spider-Man attempts to foil the bank robbery, near the beginning of the movie. He's violently flung up and down by one of the alien weapons.

If you pause it just right, you'll see a mini-van disappear!

4. What makes Peter change his form?

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Watch as Peter begins doing sit-ups with Ned as his spotter. He starts out doing the exercise with his hands at his temples.

But for some reason, decides to change tactics midway through.

All of a sudden, his hands are folded across his chest?

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I'm not saying it's outside the realm of possibility but it is a bit odd at the very least.

Granted, it's been some time since I was in a gym but even I know that this seems off.

5. How did that piece of paper manage to fold itself?

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Keep a close on the piece of paper in Adrian Toomes' hand.

As you can see, right before he punches the government official in the face, the paper is loose and unfurled.

But then as soon as Toomes lands a clean right-hook, the paper has somehow folded itself.

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Multiple times over, as a matter of fact.

This goes from bad to worse because as soon as the camera cuts again, the paper is once again unfolded.

6. How did Flash manage to get his coat back?

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Peter arrives to save the day for the Academic Decathalon team. His teacher is so relieved that he makes Flash give up his jacket to Peter.

Peter is unable to attend because he becomes trapped in the warehouse, yet still, somehow, Flash has found his jacket. Was there a spare lying around?

7. School on a Saturday?

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At multiple points leading up to Liz's house party, it's clearly established that the event is taking place on a Friday night.

If that's the case, how is it that Ned and Peter have school the very next day?

8. How did Liz manage to get down the ladder so quickly?

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Take a look at Liz while she hangs the banner on the wall. From this angle, you can see that she's roughly about chest-height on the ladder.

Try not to blink after the camera cuts to Ned and Peter...

All of a sudden, she's about a foot lower than where she was when the scene began.

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How did that happen? Did the ladder magically get taller or extend further in between camera cuts?

Something is just not right here.

9. Just when is the Academic Decathlon?

At the beginning of the film, the date on the poster reads October 13th-15th.

But then, later on, there's a separate shot that says the date has now been changed to September 14th.

10. Is it day or night?

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Right after Spider-Man saves the people on the ferry, he gets a severe tongue-lashing from Iron Man himself. But it's Tony's choice of words that really makes this scene peculiar.

He says "What if someone had died here tonight?" Which is odd, considering that it's broad daylight.

11. Peter's teacher speaks very poor Spanish.

Early on in the film, Peter gives a correct answer during Spanish class. His teacher is pleased and responds with "Muy Bueno."

The correct response is "Muy Bien." The public education system fails us yet again...