15+ Details That Really Should Have Been Noticed Sooner

The devil, so they say, is in the details. It's always struck me as an oddly-worded phrase but the meaning is clear: pay attention to the details or else you might mess everything up.

Judging from these pics, there are a lot of details out there that are getting totally glossed over.

Wait a minute.

Reddit | ObiWan-Jacoby

So if you're unable to go upstairs, you just need to go upstairs real quick to tell the shopkeeper that you're unable to go upstairs. Got it.

This is so aggravating.

Reddit | MastroLindo19

There's nothing wrong with this decor in a nautical-themed home but man, just look at it. The more I look at it, the more I see major problems.

Just stay on the ground.

Reddit | vanillac0ff33

If the people who installed this elevator thought this button and floor layout was a good idea, I really have no confidence in their safety precautions, either.

The big twenty-seconth birthday.

Reddit | Random_Lebanese

It looks like Maria got a nice birthday cake for her 22th. I'm sure she was able to look past the weird typo but that doesn't mean that I need to accept it.

Identity crisis.

Reddit | Bacon_maggot

Canada and Texas both have instantly identifiable flags. I don't know how this steakhouse managed to mess things up so badly but mess things up they did.


Reddit | adamenk

Tattoos are permanent so you really don't want to mess them up. I barely know how to drive manual transmission but even I can tell that this doesn't look right.

Sweet fade.

Reddit | a-bush-7815

There must be a lot of little kids who go into this barbershop expecting the barber to be able to give them beards. After all, that's what the pics promise.

I'll never order a McFlurry again.

Reddit | hmnessentials

When I order soft serve, I don't really think much about where it comes from. After seeing the inside of this soft serve machine, I think I'll just swear off the stuff forever.

Pobody's nerfect.

Reddit | ignatirabo

This little electric heater is so good at heating things that the plastic it's made of literally can't handle the heat. This just seems like shoddy engineering.

Blame Canada.


This paperwork formalizes Japan's surrender during World War II. But because Canada signed in the wrong place, every other party needed to follow suit.

Toilet with a view.

Reddit | Haarunen

I realize that the architects who design buildings don't necessarily plan out the purpose of every single room. But someone really dropped the ball by putting the washrooms right here.

Makes sense.

Reddit | Lord_neah

I'd imagine that anyone who's engrossed in their phone — or just not paying attention — could easily take the left route up these stairs and quickly find themselves trapped.

Batman, please.

Reddit | lkap28

I get the sentiment here and Batman does wear a mask of sorts. It's just that the whole point of mask wearing is to cover the mouth.

It fits!

Reddit | biollante44

This bathroom was clearly an afterthought because I don't think that having an angled roof that makes it impossible to take a shower is really a selling point.

Everything you need.

Reddit | Codyjames34526

This adapter is so good at providing a headphone jack that you may as well use it, even if the phone you're plugging it into literally already has a headphone jack.

It's from somewhere, that's for sure.

Reddit | myonlinepersona1984

This charger says "Made in China" in English, and "Made in Vietnam" in Cyrillic. I thought those "made in" declarations were ironclad but apparently not.

Not how it works.

Reddit | Coldbrewed_Affection

First of all, no, that does not constitute anything close to a 360° field of view. Moving on, this is a webcam that's advertising that it sees what's in front of it. Like, that's the point.


Reddit | lokfuhrer_

I thought Blackberries were supposed to be good, if dated, phones. This one has the advertised full keyboard, but it isn't a QWERTY keyboard — it's the rarely seen QWERTZ variant.

What are directions, anyway?

Reddit | Opunter12

I thought everybody knew how a compass rose worked, and where directions are, relative to other directions. But the person who designed this had other ideas.


Reddit | CoopDaWoop

This couch, spotted in a hospital, is clearly aquatic-themed. After all, there's a turtle, a beach, a fish, lots of bubbles and a ... giraffe. I guess they did their best.

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