Quotes For People Who Simply Can't Be Bothered Today

This weekend my in-laws are coming over for a visit, and while I'm sure they don't expect our place to be in peak condition, I would prefer they don't walk in and think to themselves, "Oh... yikes."

So in an effort to avoid that, I've made quite the lengthy list of to-do's, (or as I like to call them, "must-do's"), that will help make this place look the best it possibly can in time for their visit.

There's just one problem: I don't feel like doing any of it.

Seriously, something as simple as just hitting "start" on my robot vacuum feels like too much of a reach today.


I know I'll instantly feel better once I've checked everything off my list. I know that.

But if you think that's enough to kick my butt into gear then you are sorely mistaken, because I have been staring at that list for days now and not one task has been completed yet.

I'm not so much lazy, I'm just deeply and unequivocally unmotivated.


There are some days where I almost spring out of bed, ready to tackle the day and everything that I know needs to be done.

Other days, I walk around my dark apartment in pajamas with a blanket over my shoulders, telling myself the sink full of dirty dishes can wait another week or so. Mamma needs to nap.

I can blame my lack of motivation the changing weather, or my favorite go-to lately, which is the fact that the world is literally insane right now.


But I know that in reality, it's probably just because of one simple reason: sometimes life be like that.

Indeed, some days you feel really, really good, and then some days eating one balanced meal feels like a big enough accomplishment. It's pretty much just a roll of the dice at this point.

Eventually I know I'll focus whatever energy I can summon into finally finishing my list of must-do's.


But until that happens, I'm just going to keep leaving it in different places around the apartment in the hopes that someone else will pick it up and take it upon themselves to finish everything for me.

Oh, what a world that would be.

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