Quotes For When Your Grumpiness Gives Away Your Age

I'm not entirely sure when I went from "young adult" to "old AF" but it was likely sometime around the release of Snapchat.

For the first time, there was a new social media sensation that I wasn't just uninterested in due to it being for people with different interests, but completely baffled due to it being for people in an entirely new generation.

As for TikTok, besides some general awareness required for my job, I've mostly just given up on even trying to understand it.

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Though part of my iffiness with the current generation of social media is its insistence on photos and video as the main form of content.

*Back in my day*, we were fine with communicating in text-based social apps!

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Seriously, though, for people who have anxiety around cameras and such, the current trends are exhausting. Even my Instagram is only pictures of my artwork instead of me.

I do know that not being "hip to the current trends" isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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And sometimes it's fun to watch Zoomers gush over BTS while remembering that I liked J-pop and K-pop before it was cool.

Which makes me feel like a hipster, and then I wonder if Zoomers even use the term hipster anymore and I'm just dating myself more for using it.

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So I've mostly decided to try to be chill about the whole thing — as much as possible — but even so, I'm sure to have new trends that continue to baffle me.

Like, have you seen that American Eagle is selling sets so that your face mask can match your scrunchie? If that isn't a baffling 2020, Zoomer generation mood, I don't know what is.

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