17+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘There’s Something Fishy Going On Here’

There are some things in this world that are unavoidably suspicious. These can be things that give off a generally shifty vibe, or things that are just so strange that you can't help but wonder about them.

And, with this idea in mind, here are 17+ moments that made us go, "There's something fishy going on here!"

"Day 7: The dog is beginning to question things..."

Reddit | likwitsnake

You can just see that dog thinking, "It doesn't sound like a dog, it doesn't smell like a dog, but it does look like a dog!"

"Had to check to make sure Luna hadn't gotten into the edibles. They were all there, but I'm still suspicious..."

Reddit | jber43

Yeah, if I were them, I'd be doing a recount on those edibles! If they are still there, then I'd be finding out what that dog is on and having that instead!

"Dryer 39 forever unclean."

Reddit | champagnepossi

I know that this is not how that sort of transmission works, but I'd still probably prefer to use a different dryer from then on anyway.

"The most suspiciously named drink of all time..."

Reddit | TheJoePilato

I feel like the word "harmless" when used in any context only serves to make me suspicious of something! Also, coconut water isn't "harmless" as it tastes like sewage.

"My dog groomer said there had been an incident, but that she 'styled it out.'"

Reddit | pimack

That dog does not look too happy with its new sheriff badge hairdo! Top marks for effort from the stylist for effort though!

"Don't leave your kayak out in the sun!"

Reddit | lol62056

Holy hell, where on Earth did they have this car parked that it half-melted a bloody kayak? I need to know so that I never move there!

Those Quotation Marks Are Making Me Very Uneasy!

Reddit | cfang

" I the 'meat service' in this instance?"

"I don't know, Dave, but whatever you do, don't ring that bell, for Christ's sake!"

"This makes me extremely suspicious."

Reddit | Nemisii

If this machine could speak, it would be whispering, "Hey, go on, pop your card in and give me your pin... I promise I won't steal it!"

"I went to a festival the other day and this creepy sign caught my eye..."

Reddit | SpreadTheAwesome

I don't know who designed that terrifying sign, but I hope they are proud of themselves for instilling fear into the hearts of children and adults everywhere!

"Seems like there's a missed opportunity here..."

Reddit | Aahzimandias

It doesn't exactly inspire confidence if they don't display their own merchandise, does it?

Seems Legit!

Reddit | thelonebatman

I don't know what the business does but the one thing I do know is that they are legitimate! So that's something, I guess?

"Very suspicious person in the neighborhood."

Reddit | aussiefrzz16

Ah, yes, a FedEx driver disguised as a FedEx driver...the oldest trick in the book! These delivery drivers just get more devious with each passing day!


Reddit | box_face_killer

You cannot claim to have as much "swagger" as this and then be driving a goddamn Nissan! That's not how the world works!

"Just as I suspected at Starbucks."

Reddit | mikef2007

Well, that makes me feel remarkably worse about my carbon footprint based on how many of those cups I thought that I had "recycled" in my time!

"I suspect that there might be a story behind his..."

Reddit | mobfather

As if working in that hell-factory weren't bad enough, imagine finding someone had used the prop toilets right at the end of your shift!


Reddit | melancholicricebowl

I hate it when you see someone has lost a lost cat poster. I can't imagine the heartbreak they must be going through, especially considering how expensive color printer ink is!

Sure It Isn't...

Reddit | squi-dward

Maybe if you don't want people thinking that you look shifty, you should try and make your van look a tiny bit less shifty!

"I went out of town for a few days and came home to my dog who seems to want to have a word with me about it."

Reddit | MillerLyte20

"Where do you think you have been, Gavin?"

"What's going on? Are you—"

"I'll be asking the questions here, Gavin."

"As a mailman, I usually don’t know what’s in the package. But I’m pretty sure this is a tennis racket."

Reddit | MarkDG

I don't know about this one. Looks more like a curling rock to me but I guess that's up to the recipient to find out.

"I'm sure we've all been there Dylan."

Reddit | O851D14N

This is oddly specific, which is what makes it so genius. The more specific you are, the less likely it is that someone will think you're lying!

"Another day at the jobsite."

Reddit | Dudetheinsulator

I think I share quite a bit with my friends. I'm pretty open with them but some things need to stay private.

"[The] sunlight from the little window next to the shower hit the bowl juuust right."

Reddit | Tronmau5

There's something that toilet needs you to behold, something glorious and divine, but you need to be ready for it. Are you?

"Two bears caught doing a drug deal [...]."

Reddit | Tikaani89

Hey, we don't know it's a drug deal. They could be a lovely couple sharing a romantic moment.

"The guy down the hall is an exchange student from Ethiopia. I'm not sure if [they know] how to use a fridge yet."

Reddit | Wukeywukey

Maybe there's something he knows that we don't. Maybe cold shampoo feels amazing in a hot shower.

"Construction workers have my home office looking exactly like Dexter's kill room."

Reddit | [deleted]

Riiight, it was the construction workers that did this, not you. And this is totally your home office, not your kill room.

"Every time I go out to smoke on my balcony, this cat always stares at me like he is worried about my life choices."

Reddit | jaycross13

He is worried about you. Even he knows how dangerous those things are and he wants to encourage you to put down the pack.

"[They] are now selling Pringles in packets."

Reddit | seanmashitoshi

There is something so fundamentally wrong and upsetting about this. I'll be thinking about it for weeks.

"My $500 laptop stand."

Reddit | dullmetal_scientist

Listen, if you're not going to resell them, I think reusing and recycling your college textbooks is a great idea, no matter how depressing it is to look at.

"A decision was made."

Reddit | LastandLeast

And a good one, too. You only get one life so you might as well spend it eating things that make you happy!

"My friend parked next to this car a few days ago and made for the most wholesome exchange ever."

Reddit | josiaaaa

It's so nice to see cars supporting cars, encouraging the sharing of emotions, and checking in on each other!

"Oh cool! I've always wanted one!"

Reddit | Juiceboy_2005

I don't see any left-handed ones, bummer. Maybe someone will donate one.

“Oh Hello other grown-up, the business is booming. To the alcohol store we go!”

Reddit | BuzzyTech

You can tell this is a real, certifiable adult because of their comically-large walking stick. Only adults get those!

"[Not] really sure what makes their assholes any different than mine but okay cottonelle."

Reddit | AMP2527

Funnily enough, the comments were filled with people saying not to flush wipes as they can cause major problems. See how it only says "tested with" and not "approved by"?

"To be fair my wife did think this paddling pool was oddly cheap."

Reddit | Mea05cer

Well, it's either a tiny pool or the person who bought this has the biggest feet on the whole damn planet!

"Just trying to get my work done when I see this suspicious guy watching me."

Reddit | Sarcasma19

"Psst, hey, I don't know what you're doing over there, but stay on your side of the wall okay?! I've got my eyes on you, punk!"