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10+ Behind The Scenes Secrets About 'Easy A' Fans Didn't Know

Undoubtedly, one of the most iconic romantic comedies of the early '00s was Easy A.

It was one of the first movies to put Emma Stone on the map, it was a modern tribute to classic English literature, and it made us hate the song, "Pocket Full Of Sunshine" (in the best possible way).

Here are some BTS secrets about the film that fans didn't know!

1. The entire script was written in just five days.

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It is definitely safe to assume that for the most part, film scripts can take weeks, months, sometimes even years to write and perfect.

But believe it or not, the script of Easy A was written, signed, sealed, and delivered in less than a week.

"I wrote Easy A in five or six days," the screenwriter, Bert Royal said in an interview with *Screen Writing From Iowa*.

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"Once I got on a roll, I wrote this very, very quickly— so I got to about a 110 pages in five or six days."

2. It was Amanda Bynes' last movie.

Before Amanda Bynes' unfortunate and disconcerting departure from Hollywood, she managed to add one more title to her legacy and hasn't reportedly worked on any other film since Easy A.

3. Emma Stone auditioned for the role of Olive Penderghast via webcam.

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Emma was really excited to audition for the part of Olive, so when scheduling conflicts arose and she was unable to audition in-person, she didn't let it stop her!

Instead, she read the lines via webcam, and nailed it!

4. The director of the film, Will Gluck, regrets one of the characters.

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While ultimately, the movie was seemingly flawless, the director has admitted in the past that he wasn't crazy about Amanda Bynes' character, Marianne.

"If there were one thing I could do over, that I’m mad at myself for," he told Film School Rejects, "it’s that character. I wanted to poke fun at people in high school who are holier than thou. Unfortunately, I went more into the Christianity range because, I think, it was easier to just make Jesus jokes."

5. Emma Stone never actually went to high school IRL.

For someone that has never even been to high school, she sure managed to fool us with Olive's believable high-schooler persona. When questioned by CinemaBlend about how her lack of authentic high school experience may have impacted her acting performance, she said:

"I think it’s more a story of reputation and miscommunication and the speed at which, with technology, that spreads now. So, it didn’t really feel like I was misinformed or had the wrong high school experience to try to bring this to life."

6. Every member of Olive's family was named after food.

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This fun-fact is something that could have easily gone over our heads initially.

But her father is named Dill, her brother is named Chip, and her other brother who is away at college is named Kale.

7. It was the second movie that Emma Stone and Lisa Kudrow ever worked on together.

Emma landed the film, Paper Man relatively early into her career, and was fortunate enough to work with the iconic Lisa Kudrow!

Not long after shooting her next film, Zombieland, she had the pleasure of working with her again in Easy A.

8. Emma Stone filmed the webcam scenes on her own, without the help of the film crew, and admits that it was extremely difficult for her.

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"I was not happy, needless to say, when he asked me to do that," she told CinemaBlend.

"It’s like a one-minute monologue, and I did it over and over and over. Then, finally, my roommate was like, just send it."

9. No film sets were used.

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The director of the movie revealed that it was important to him to choose an authentic, small town, high school location to shoot, rather than using a set that replicates the real thing.

So, they chose to film at a high school in Ojai California, about an hour away from Los Angeles.

10. Natasha Bedingfield credits *Easy A* for taking her annoyingly catchy song and turning it into a hit.

"My brother told me, ‘Look, you have to change that because it’s going to get really annoying for people,'" Natasha recalled in an interview with ET.

"That’s why songs become hits when they have those earworms and you kind of love and hate them."

11. There is a subtle nod to the book, *Scarlet Letter*.

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I mean, technically this entire film is a nod to The Scarlet Letter.

Aside from wearing a literal "A" on her chest, Olive also mentions at one point in the film that she's going to see a movie called Der Scharlachrote Buchstabe, which translates to The Scarlet Letter.

12. Emma Stone's brother was an extra.

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You may have not noticed, since his appearance was rather brief. But Emma Stone's brother, Spencer Stone, was an extra in the film.

He has had much more significant roles in Divergent, Passengers, and Logan, however.

13. Emma Stone had an asthma attack while filming.

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Not just any asthma attack, her very first asthma attack!

"I had a little asthma attack, without any prior knowledge that I had asthma," she recalled in an interview with MTV. "During the scene where we had to jump up and down for hours and hours screaming and yelling on the bed. It was humiliating because it was the second day of shooting."