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Fans Can't Stop Thirsting Over Shirtless Pics Of Anderson Cooper

One of the most underrated and slept on Hollywood friendships is the gorgeous bond between Bravo Godfather Andy Cohen and CNN News Host Anderson Cooper... the A.C. crew, if you will!

The pair are known for having the most drunk fun together while hosting the New Years Eve Ball Drop on national television and now, both members of the A.C. crew are new dads!!!!

Andy Cohen welcomed his son Benjamin Allen Cohen in February 2019.

Anderson was immensely happy for his friend and before fans knew it, Anderson welcomed a son of his own, Wyatt Cooper, earlier this year!

True best friend moves right there!!!

Fans of Anderson and Andy know the pair always go on a gorgeous summer vacation together!

But, like the rest of us, their plans got ruined due to COVID-19.

Thankfully, Andy knows exactly what the people are missing from their annual vacation together...

Normally, Andy embarrasses his friend by posting a series of shirtless pics of him to his Instagram account.

But this year, of course, there was no vacation photo-op!


However, Andy came in CLUTCH for the thirsty fans.

Posting two shirtless pics of his hunky friend, Andy wrote: "If it were a normal year, I’d be on vacation with my pal...threatening to post shirtless pics of him. Well, it’s 2020 and I’m sitting on my deck so I figured I’d just post without asking and piss him off! #SilverFox"

Naturally, the thirsty fans came a runnin' the second the pics were posted.

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Do I blame them? Of course not! I wish my best friends hyped me up like this!!!!

What do you think of Anderson's vacation pics?! Let us know in the comments below!

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