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I don't know about you, but when the global pandemic started turning us all into shut-ins, I thought I'd be bored after a few weeks, let alone a few months.

Instead, I've somehow made it six months into the social distancing thing and am busier than ever. Part of that is simply due to summer being busier in general, with more yard maintenance required and generally better weather for projects.

Oh, did I mention I'm one of those people helping to prop up the home improvement sector of the economy right now?

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I'm already the type of person that has a yearly "big DIY project." This year's was redecorating my master bedroom, which I was mostly done when things went into lockdown in the March that never ended.

But if you leave me alone to stare at my own walls for a while, I will start to itch about "fixing" problems I usually ignore.

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Which is how I ended up having a window replaced in my dining room yesterday, while simultaneously working on updating both my kitchen and my entryway, and not-so-casually planning an overhaul of my stairwell.

Most of this I am DIY-ing all by myself while also holding down a full-time job, taking care of my dogs, and keeping up with regular chores.

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Mostly. Let's not talk about the whole dishes situation happening right now.

Actually, scratch that.

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Can we instead take a moment to commiserate on the sheer insanity that is quarantine dishes? I am one person and I can't keep up with them anymore. I simply cannot imagine having the dishes for multiple people piling up every day.

Basically, whoever said social distancing was going to be boring and leave us with nothing to do was a liar.

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