Plant A Goth Garden With Gorgeous 'Black' Rose Bushes

Were you a fan of the hit HBO TV show True Blood? I definitely was. I was hooked — hooked on it, I tell you. And it's because I've always loved gothic-themed and vampire-inspired stories.

So when I heard about these dark roses that look super cool and vampy I was all over them, and I think you will be, too.

These fabulous-looking roses include 'True Blood' and 'Black Beauty' varieties, which are some of the darkest roses.


They are typically red roses with a darker outer layer. This layer can resemble black, but it's actually a much more subtle color closer to maroon.

Their petals can also resemble a dark-colored blue, which, in fact, is a shade of purple or violet.

They do give you that true appearance of a gothic vibe. And I gotta say, I do find it really appealing.

You can buy a few different varieties of these dark beauties seeds on either eBay or Etsy.

The sellers advise to first germinate the seeds before you plant them. You will need are cold temperatures to initiate the germination process.

The seeds should be placed in a plastic bag.

Then you need to put them in the veggie crisper drawer of your fridge for about 60 days. Make sure you write the date on your calendar so you don't forget it.

Wow, I'm already getting excited thinking about these gorgeous roses blooming in my garden someday.

Imagine everyone's reaction when they see their dark and moody appearance? I think that would be some sight to see. I can't wait to order some ASAP.

These roses can be grown in a pot or you can just plant them straight in your outdoor garden.

I bet they will look absolutely beautiful wherever they end up. They can grow up to three-four feet tall and three feet wide.

Once the seedlings emerge and start to grow roots you can transplant them to small pots.

Make sure they get a lot of sunshine or at least partial shade. Then, get ready to look forward to seeing their fantastic colors come alive.

Similar to 'True Blood' roses, 'Black Beauty' roses also feature a gothic black and red color combination.

These roses actually have black buds that bloom into a dark red flower. Black Beauty roses are a hybrid tea rose and more common than True Blood roses.

Black Beauties can be grown in containers or planted directly into your garden.

They grow best in Zone 6 areas or warmer. If you plant them in a container, you will need one that is three gallons or larger. Prepare to re-pot the roses every two-three years.

I think these stunning roses would be fantastic for a dark-themed wedding.

If you know someone getting married in October you may want to suggest them as a possible addition to their wedding bouquet. Wouldn't that look so beautiful?

So are you ready for these dark and broody roses to beautify your garden?

I gotta say, they definitely sound amazing to me. I think it would be so cool to have them around right in time for Halloween.