10+ Bad Choices TV Characters Made That Fans Can't Get Over

Inevitably, there are TV characters out there that we can't stand. It comes with the territory of watching a show!

Some of them, however, are tolerable — forgettable even. While others did things that we, the viewers, will never be able to move past.

Here are some of the most frustrating things that TV characters have done that we can't seem to get over.

Topanga gives up Yale on *Boy Meets World*


Remember when Topanga turned down a scholarship to an Ivy League school so that she could stay with her boyfriend and go to community college?

And then she proposed to him at their high school graduation?

Topanga, girl, WYD?

Mr. Shue doesn't make great decisions on *Glee*


There is an episode where Rachel sends Sunshine into a literal crack house and Mr. Shue doesn't do a single thing about it.

Instead, he tells Rachel to make it "right" which was not at all helpful.

Piper's narrow-minded choices on *Orange Is The New Black*


Piper Chapman is easily the least-liked character, and she's supposed to be the protagonist.

She is constantly making naive, narrow-minded, self-serving choices at the expense of everyone around her and we are tired of it.

Debbie being Debbie on *Shameless*


It really feels like the writers of this show were on a mission to make me hate Deb.

First, she lied about her age to trick an older man into dating her. Then she manipulated a teenage boy into having a baby with her when he wasn't ready to.

  1. Whole. Mess.

Beck's decision-making skills on *You*

When Beck finally realizes that Joe is a murderer and a stalker, instead of running away to the opposite corner of planet earth, she plays it cool.

She gives him the perfect window of opportunity to kidnap and kill her.

Disrespecting marriage on *Scandal*


TBH, most of the characters on this show were insufferable. But let's stick with the fundamentals: Olivia and Fitz repeatedly choosing to disrespect Fitz's marriage was beyond me.

The fact that they tried to play it off as some kind of epic romance only made them less tolerable.

Luke makes a bad decision on *One Tree Hill*

Luke cheats on Brooke with her best friend, Payton.

I know that, ultimately, Luke and Payton were meant to be together. But at the expense of Brooke's feelings? That did not seem fair whatsoever.

Eric's very '70s way of thinking on *That '70s Show*


When Eric, the lazy, unmotivated, basement-dwelling teenage boy, was trying to convince Donna that she should give up all of her career aspirations to be a stay-at-home-wife after they get married, I almost threw my whole TV away.

Most of Skyler's decisions in *Breaking Bad*


I know that technically Walter White was the villain of this entire series. But virtually everything Skyler did made my blood boil.

I guess I might be bitter too if I found out my husband was cooking meth as a side hustle. But she really spared no expense to make everyone's life more difficult.

Remember when she gave Ted a bunch of Walter's money to pay his taxes and he ended up buying a new car instead? Need I say more?

Ted going back to Robin in *How I Met Your Mother*

Even though the entire show's premise was about how Ted met Tracy and how she is supposed to be his perfect match, he still pursues Robin after Tracy's death.

If I were Tracy, I would be rolling in my grave.

Carrie's lack of initiative in *Sex And The City*


When Carrie discovered that Barkley had been recording his sexual experiences with women without their consent, she did absolutely nothing about it.

Although Carrie seemed initially shocked, she was able to brush it off rather easily.

Even though she probably should have reported him...

Most of Clarke's decisions on *The 100*


I think we can all agree that Clarke is an absolute savage. I mean, her intentions are good. But at what cost?

She does literally anything to protect her people, even if that means mass murdering everyone else.

Danny's backward thinking on *The Mindy Project*

Danny's obsession with turning Mindy into a religious, stay-at-home-mom really ruined his character for a lot of viewers.

His dated way of thinking ultimately ruined his relationship with Mindy, which was deeply disappointing because, up until then, they were the cutest.

Rachel got off the plane on *Friends*


I will never get over the fact that Rachel gave up her dream job in Paris to be with a man who refused to take accountability for cheating on her because they were "on a break."

Even after all those years, he never once admitted to wronging her.


Dustin's singing on *Stranger Things*


This was really infuriating.

When the literal fate of humanity rested in Dustin's hands with no time to spare, he decided to sing a duet with his girlfriend, which was not only a waste of time to us, the viewers, but it also cost Hopper his life.

Way to go, Dustin.

Oliver Queen's lies on *Arrow*

And no, it has nothing to do with his secret double life.

But when he lied to his fiancée about his love child, that was just an awful decision. In what world would was that a good idea?

Rumplestiltskin constantly chooses himself over happiness with Belle on *Once Upon A Time*

And why? All because he wants more power.

While he does his best to protect her, it's never enough. He clearly loves himself more than he can love another human being.

Rebecca Bunch doesn't think with her head on *Crazy Ex-Girlfriend*


We can all be a little emotionally driven, but she seems to never be able to use any logic.

Also, it's very clear that she needs to heal from everything that has happened to her, but doesn't take a moment to reflect on that.

Mr. Poe isn't a great caretaker on *A Series of Unfortunate Events*


In A Series of Unfortunate Events Mr. Poe just continues to put the lives of the Baudelaire children at stake.

He's as kind as one can be in such a story, but unfortunately, his decision-making skills aren't the greatest.

Peyton believed Ian right away on *One Tree Hill*


Back in the days of One Tree Hill, Peyton immediately believed that Ian was her brother going off just the fact that they have the same color of hair and eyes.

He was actually a stalker who almost killed her.

Rory Gilmore becoming the other woman on *Gilmore Girls*

While Gilmore Girls is, in many ways, one of the greatest shows ever, when Rory cheated with Dean, we were all changed forever.

Being young isn't a good excuse. Especially since she repeated this in the revival with Logan.

Barry Allen's Oliver Queen effect on *The Flash*

Like the Green Arrow, The Flash also makes bad decisions based on what works for him and not the people around him.

In general, most of his decisions are terrible.

Callie going off with a pimp on *The Fosters*


While she thought she was being brave because she took the place of another girl, it would have been much better to call a parent or the authorities to get the girl out of the situation.

When Chuck betrayed Blair on *Gossip Girl*

On Gossip Girl, Chuck traded Blair in exchange for his hotel back.

Needless to say, when she slapped his face and broke up with him, we were all applauding from our seats.

Emily dating Paige on *Pretty Little Liars*


Why was this a bad choice?

Oh, I don't know. Maybe because Paige tried to DROWN HER. How does one move past that, seriously? There isn't enough redemption in the world for that.

Archie pleading guilty on *Riverdale*


Oh, and this was for a murder that he didn't commit, by the way.

Worse was his reasoning: He didn't want his family to endure a trial. How is that worse than going to jail for a crime you didn't commit?

Most of Klaus' decisions on *The Vampire Diaries*

This is a man that, as much as we all love to watch him, works based purely on his emotions.

This leads to a lot of bad decision-making and a lot of innocent people dying because of him.

Daenerys Targaryen's final moments on *Game of Thrones*

It was clear that Dany had the Kingdom of the Rock.

Her decision to wipe out everyone, including hundreds of innocent people, proved that she had fallen over to the dark side.

Elena killing Kol on *The Vampire Diaries*

She made this decision knowing that it would kill a whole line of vampires and, worse still, she HAD to have known the repercussions she and her family would face for this.

But she did it anyway.