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Quotes From People Who Are Feeling Extra Sassy Today

I don't know what is about living with men, but I feel like it's turned me super sassy, to the point where it's weird if I'm not spouting out some backhanded remark or rolling my eyes up to the damn ceiling every day.

Maybe it's because men really know how to push our buttons and test our patience. Sometimes they don't know when to stop, and if we didn't get sassy about it, we just might scream.

And in my experience, being locked inside the same space with your SO certainly doesn't help the sassy factor.


My boyfriend and I made the very wise decision to move in together just a few weeks before the entire world shut down, so we suddenly found ourselves together 24/7 without any real breaks from each other.

Obviously, it wasn't long before we started getting on each other's nerves.

But we were determined to make it work because we knew this was what we wanted in the long run — the circumstances were just a surprise.

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So whenever I felt like I was about to snap at him with some cutthroat comment in the heat of the moment, I would stop myself and switch lanes to something a bit more sarcastic.

And, dare I say, even sassy.

Soon I learned I could get the same point across that way, just with much less venom behind it.


After all, we're all about keeping the peace in this house, even if that means having to think on your feet when your temper gets a little too hot to come up with something witty instead of hurtful.

Not always the easiest thing, let me tell you.

But we've now lived together for more than half a year without any major flare-ups, which feels like a major win to me.

And indeed, I consider my decision to resort to sass rather than straight-up anger as having played a huge part in that.

Of course, things have only gotten slightly harder now that my boyfriend's picked up on that tactic and has started getting a little sassy with me, too.

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