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Beloved Dog Reunites With Navy Vet She Saved From A Stroke

Most of us have probably made a "Timmy stuck in a well" joke at some point in our lives. It's simply so ingrained in us that dogs will protect us in times of need and Lassie gives us the perfect cultural shorthand to express that.

It isn't just Lassie, though and a quick google can bring up tons of stories about very good dogs saving their humans.

Now a chihuahua-mix named Bubu can be added to the roster of hero dogs.

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She is the beloved companion of Navy veteran Rudy Armstrong, sharing a houseboat with him in North Carolina.

On a day in early August, Rudy sat down because his foot had fallen asleep and dozed off, finding upon awakening that his arm could no longer move and he was too far from his phone to call for help.

"I need help. Go get Kim," he told Bubu and she did just that.

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Kim is the dockmaster for the marina and was good friends with Rudy and Bubu. When the dog came running and didn't start excitedly cuddling or licking, Kim knew something was wrong and followed the very good dog back to the houseboat.

Rudy had suffered a stroke and Kim called 911.

Kim took good care of Bubu while Rudy was rushed to the hospital for what would turn into weeks of care.

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Staff at the CarolinaEast Rehabilitation Hospital knew that Rudy missed his dog and since Bubu was his only family nearby, they organized a reunion in the facility's garden.

To say that both were happy to see each other would be an understatement.

As soon as Rudy lowered his mask, Bubu covered his face with kisses.

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Soon after their reunion, Rudy was discharged and they were able to return to their houseboat, where I'm certain Bubu will be even more spoiled than ever.

Which she more than deserves.

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