10+ Hidden Details From 'Inside Out' Fans Didn't Catch

The film Inside Out marks a distinctive turn in the Disney/Pixar paradigm.

For the first time, filmmakers sought to tackle real issues and explore them through funny and familiar characters.

Below are 10+ hidden details in Inside Out that fans didn't catch. Man your control stations, get your emotions in check because we're about to go to the moon, people!

1. Is that a Triceratops?


Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. That's the Triceratops from The Good Dinosaur that Riley and her family are posing with.

Disney/Pixar just can't help but advertise movies within movies. It's become one of their most long-standing traditions.

2. 3 classic Pixar Easter Eggs in one film?!

That's right! If you look closely, you can see A113, the Luxo ball, as well as the Pizza Planet truck!

Watch while young Riley is running around the house with Bing Bong — the Luxo ball is in the corner, by the book shelf.

A113 appears spray-painted on the wall as Riley is walking home from school.


Finally, you can spot the Pizza Planet truck as Joy chases Bing Bong through Riley's memory wall.

3. There's a magazine cover with a very famous Parisian chef on the cover.


Watch as Riley is playing the lava game in her living room. If you look at the magazine on the table, as she's jumping around, you'll see the picture of Colette Tatou from Ratatouille.

4. Riley's hockey league hits close to home.


Die-hard Pixar fans will no doubt already be aware that Toy Story takes place in the fictional town of Tri-County.

If you look at the banners hanging from the rafters while Riley is playing hockey, you can see that it reads "Tri-County Youth Hockey."

5. A *Finding Nemo* cameo appearance!


This happens when Joy and Fear are chasing Bing Bong through Imagination Land. After Bing Bong knocks over the house of cards, just to the right you can see a board game called Find Me with a picture of a clown fish.

6. Cameos are *For The Birds*.


Remember the hilarious short that premiered alongside Monsters Inc. called For The Birds? Watch closely as Riley and her family are speeding along in their car.

As they cross a section of telephone poles, you'll be able to see the birds perched on a wire.

7. Riley and Bonnie went to the same daycare!


There's a scene early on in the film where Joy is looking through Riley's old memories. Joy pulls a memory ball from the wall that reveals Riley playing on a piece of equipment that looks oddly familiar?

It's the same set of climbers from Toy Story 3's Sunnyside Daycare!

8. That's one popular Chinese restaurant.


Pay attention while Riley and her family are eating their first meal inside their new house. The takeout container is the same one that we've seen in films like Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc., as well as Ratatouille!

9. A subtle reference to the film's director.

Pay careful attention while Riley is IMing with her friend. If you look at the username in the top corner, you'll see that it reads DocPete.

This is a nod to the film's director, Pete Docter.

10. There's another username on the screen displayed as Ronnify:


Which is more than likely alluding to the movie's co-director, Ronnie del Carmen. Considering the long-running history of director cameos in Pixar films, I'm inclined to agree.

What do you think?

11. Andy's old globe is in Riley's classroom


Remember Andy's colorful world globe from Toy Story that used to sit in the corner of his room? Well, it looks like he donated a few items to Riley's school.

Could it be that he and Riley attended the same middle school?!

12. Is Sid's little sister in Riley's class?


Pay close attention to Riley's classmates as she scans the room from her desk. Pause when you see a girl with black hair and a purple shirt.

The t-shirt that she's wearing underneath is the same skull shirt as Sid's, just with the inverted color layout.

13. The Bing Bong in the High Castle comes crashing down!


Remember the scene where Imagination Land is under demolition? Keep a keen eye for when the shot pans to the castle.

Does it look familiar? It should! That's none other than the Disney castle!

14. There's a Dream Production worker who's dressed like Mickey Mouse.


He's clearly down on his luck. If you watch carefully, you can see him looking long and forlorn, drinking a coffee while sitting on a wooden crate.

What Easter Eggs did we miss? Leave a comment and let us know!