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The Komondor Is A Powerful Guardian Dog Who Looks Like A Friendly Mop

Some dog breeds are tough to tell apart without a close inspection. For example, a yellow lab and a golden retriever may take a second or two to confirm which is which.

Other breeds, though, are unique and recognizable at a distance. The komondor is definitely one of the latter group, with its very distinctive corded coat.

Komondors are a Hungarian breed, bred as working guardians for sheep.

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Technically, the plural is "komondorok", which sounds pretty cool, but since the breed has gained popularity outside of Hungary, "komondors" and even just "koms" has become commonplace.

Obviously, the first thing you notice about a komondor is that they look an awful lot like a mop.

In fact, there are plenty of funny viral pics and videos that play with this fact.

While it may look uncomfortable at a glance, those cords are actually very important for the dogs' work.

The thick cords keep them protected from extreme weather, but also make it very difficult for predators to bite them.

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Additionally, their off-white color allows them to blend in with their flock and take potential predators by surprise.

Though big, koms are agile and quick, and eat far less than you would think a big dog needs. Sometimes, they'll even decide to skip a meal because they aren't hungry.

Of course, with such an incredible coat, these guys have specific grooming needs.

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They aren't brushed, but require regular bathing with soap that is diluted quite a bit to prevent soap residue from lingering in the cords. Thorough drying is also required to prevent skin irritation from damp.

Though not a beginner breed, komondorok can make incredible members of a family.

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