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10+ Celebrities Who Aren't Afraid To Get A Little Weird

Hollywood is one of the craziest places on earth. If you let it, the city will eat you up and spit you out without a second thought.

Below are a list of people who know exactly what it's like to be in the belly of the beast and come out the other end.

Have a look and check out these 10+ most eccentric celebrities in Hollywood!

Drew Barrymore.

Sure, you might think that Drew Barrymore is just your average Hollywood actress and mother. But don't forget that in her younger years, she was a force to be reckoned with!

She once flashed David Letterman for his birthday on an episode of Late Night!

Jaoquin Phoenix.

Remember that time that Joaquin Phoenix convinced the world that he'd quit acting?

Then he went on Letterman with a giant beard, dark sunglasses, and told everyone he was going to be a rapper? That was a fun time, wasn't it?

Katy Perry.

Instagram | @katyperry

Katy made a name for herself off her incredible talent, powerful voice, and a slew of questionable behavior and decisions.

Her wild hair, wacky outfits, as well as her romantic life was always an easy mark for the tabloids.

Kanye West.

I'd just like to read to you some of my favorite Kanye West quotes:

"I make awesome decisions in bike stores. George Bush doesn't care about Black people," and oh yeah — "I'm running for President!" Kanye is one in 7 billion.

Nicolas Cage.

Nic Cage should not be in the same category as the rest of us.

Nic once bought and owned T-Rex head, he spent $150,000 on a Superman comic and sold it for a whopping $2.16 million. You can't spell eccentric without N-I-C!

Tekashi 69.

Believe me, I'm as hesitant as you are at calling Tekashi 69 a celebrity. But 25 million followers on Instagram, as well as a pile of Gold and Platinum records, don't lie.

Tekashi has called out gang members, made a public spectacle of himself, and has just recently been released from house arrest!

Nicki Minaj.

Instagram | @nickiminaj

A simple scroll through Nicki Minaj's Instagram reveals a lot. The rapper-turned-pop star is well known for her rather risque outfit choices and her bad girl attitude.

Watching her sitting next to Mariah Carey on American Idol was legendary drama.

Tom Cruise.

Depending on who you ask and what you read, there's a lot of evidence to suggest that Tom Cruise is from another planet.

I could quote a laundry list of incidents a mile long but absolutely nothing compares to this interview with Oprah.

Charlie Sheen.

My goodness, who else remembers the winning days of Charlie Sheen?

When tiger blood fueled his veins and he had the ability to cure disease with the blink of an eye? It's great to see Charlie back on his feet.

Bill Murray.

I love Bill Murray the actor. I'm not the biggest fan of Bill Murray the person.

The legendary comedian has built a reputation around being incredibly difficult to work with. Both Harold Ramis and Richard Dreyfuss tell stories of how Bill made their lives miserable.

Lady Gaga.

You see, I was all prepped and ready to go with a great list of reasons as to why I thought Gaga should make this list and then — BOOM! She goes ahead and posts a picture of herself in an ice bath.

Sometimes these things write themselves.

Crispin Glover.

Don't worry, Crispin, we all fear you. Especially after an incredibly bizarre incident that took place during an interview with David Letterman.

Crispin began doing karate and nearly kicked Dave in the face! The show promptly cut to commercial and upon its return — Crispin was gone.

Shia Labeouf.

RLJE Films

Have you seen Shia's new movie The Tax Collector? You really should.

Then you'd see the brand new tattoo that Shia inked for the film: a giant gangland tattoo that sprawls across his entire chest and torso.

Need I say more?

Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, his reputation for the macabre precludes him.

Among his many eccentricities, Johnny spent over $3 million shooting his deceased friend's remains (Hunter S. Thompson) out of a cannon!

Miley Cyrus.

Instagram | @mileycyrus

Since she first burst onto the scene, even way back in her Hannah Montana days, Miley has been known for her incredibly unique sense of style — as well as her sometimes troublesome behavior.

The former child is about as infamous as they come.