10+ Clever Designs That Put Safety First

There are those designs we simply love because of how beautiful they look. But, on the other hand, there are also designs that keep our safety and comfort in mind.

And those, my friends, are so welcome, especially during these uncertain times. It's awesome to see that there are people out there who think of these things for our mutual benefit.

1. This Sink

Reddit | gangweedthomas

This sink has been designed with hands-free operation in mind. It comes with water, a soap dispenser, and a hand dryer that are all totally hands-free. I also like the slick design of it. We should see more of these everywhere.

2. This Water Fountain

Reddit | ClickGearskull

Speaking of hands-free, this water fountain works in a similar way. You just have to put your hand around a specific area to activate the water. Why didn't they come up with something like this sooner, huh?

3. This Sunscreen Machine

Reddit | relytyler11700

Wouldn't it be amazing if every beach had this cool booth? This is a hands-free sunscreen machine that rotates as it sprays your body with sunscreen. Oh my goodness, that's so wicked. Isn't it? I need one of these, ha, ha!

4. This DIY Hand Sanitizer

Reddit | I_Crush_Your_Head

This music store was so clever to repurpose a high-hat drum pedal into a hands-free sanitizer dispenser. And, yes, it does work, too. Isn't that so cool? I love the ingenuity of this awesome idea.

5. This Sidewalk

Reddit | BillionPenny

Now that people are always walking and texting, they're not always paying attention. These tactile studs actually change color to let the pedestrians know when the signals are changing. So useful for people looking down at their phones.

6. These Boots

Reddit | BootBatll

These boots were designed in a way so that you can use the little tabs to help you take them off without using your hands. That's super cool, isn't it? I don't like to get my hands dirty while taking off my boots.

7. These Radiators

Reddit | wellerccs

It can be hard to find a place to sit down in office buildings or lecture halls. Somebody actually thought about that when they designed these radiators. They double as warm benches that people can easily rest upon. I love that.

8. This Vet's Office Counter

Reddit | fluffy_mcnuggles

This vet's office has a hook at the check-out counter to attach your leash to so that you can free up your hands. That's so clever. Now you don't have to worry about your pooch running away while you pay that hefty bill.

9. This Automatic Toilet Seat Cover Machine

Reddit | ober0n98

I think every public restroom really needs this machine. You can just wave your hand in front of it to activate an automatic seat cover. Wow, I've never seen anything like this before.

10. These Benches

Reddit | hotforhotpie

Somebody came up with a brilliant idea for making public benches more usable. These ones actually turn into tables for when you want to sit down and eat something. How neat is that? I absolutely adore this idea.

11. This 'Fix Your Bike' Station

Reddit | u/ChaBoyAuzy

Now that a lot of cities are vehemently promoting biking, they should invest in something like this. This is a "fix your bike" station that comes with handy tools to do just that. That's so fantastic and a great way to promote bike safety.

12. This Bottle

Reddit | NecroNoivern

How smart is this bottle's design? Depending on the side you put the cap on, you can have the child-safe mode or just a normal twist cap. I wish all bottles did that. It would make things a lot easier.

13. This Walking Stick

This walking stick is so cool. It actually turns into a stool you can sit on. Imagine how helpful this would be for seniors or people who have limited ability when walking long distances. I absolutely love this.

14. This Texting Safety Zone

Reddit | Ansel47

This office cleverly instituted a safe texting zone in their hallways. Why? So people won't end up bumping into each other while they're walking and texting on their phones. I guess that must happen a lot there, ha, ha!

15. This Door Opener

Reddit | yeahbro134

I think we're going to see a lot more of these types of door openers, including foot-operated ones. We can pretty much thank COVID for it, and we better just get used to it. Am I right?

16. This Shirt

Reddit | zdemerchant

This person's shirt actually comes with a handy built-in cleaning cloth material for glasses. I gotta say, for someone like me who's always cleaning their glasses, this is pretty ingenious — especially since I always forget my glasses-cleaning cloth.

17. This Touch-Free Door Handle

Reddit | NTGAP

Similar to the other one, this touch-free door handle is definitely a nice touch here. I totally dig this cool design for sure.

18. This Hotel Shower

Reddit | cloudeagle

This hotel shower has a hole in the glass to help you "safely" turn on the water. Now that's a cool feature if I've ever seen one. I wouldn't mind having something like this in my home shower.

19. This Pin Pad Extender

Reddit | Anzi

This fast food drive-thru is using a hockey stick as an extendable holder for the PIN pad. This way they can ensure a safe distance as you pay for your order. Hmm, I haven't seen that in real life yet.

20. This Park

Reddit | alpevado

This park is definitely going all out for the safety of its patrons. It has painted circles on the grass to illustrate what safe social distancing is supposed to look like. Wow, talk about staying in your bubble.

21. This Dog House

Reddit | VoiceofLou

Wouldn't it be so nifty if every store set up something like this? These Dogspots are a safe place you can leave your pooch while you shop. They come with AC and heaters depending on the weather.

22. This Door Handle That You Open With Your Foot

Reddit | SpaceKaiaWolf

I'm not a fan of public toilets, especially because you need to open the doors with your hands. To be frank, I don't always trust that the person before me had clean hands. As mentioned before, these types of hands-free door handles should be on every door, right?

Is it just me or do useful inventions like these get you excited as well?

Maybe I'm just weird like that. But it's awesome to see that there are designers out there who think of not only aesthetics but functionality, too.