17+ Times We Made The Best Of Bad Situations

The planet is chock-full of optimists, the kinds of people who can look at the worst situation and find goodness and hilarity in it! I am not one of these people, but I like to laugh at them and their bizarre ways!

So, please enjoy these 17+ funny folks who are making the best of bad situations.

"Not all bmw drivers are assholes, this one saved me a parking spot!"


Someone suggested that they should have put the motorbike much closer to the driver's door though, just to help keep it safe from thieves for that courteous driver!

"I'm pretty sure this is the best picture of my sister and I to ever exist. This was at the hospital, my first time meeting/holding her."

Reddit | alrightsydney

That is one hell of a look of uncertainty on that kid's face right there! It's as though they're saying to their parents, "Are you sure about this? It's awful loud!"

"Closed whiskey bar owner sells calendars of out of work staff to raise money for them."

Reddit | tikki-tikki-timbo

I love this idea, but I hope to God they cleaned down all of the counters properly before they are allowed to open again!

"Meet my boy Dez who had to check what was hiding in a cave by the road. Apparently pain is not in his vocabulary."

Reddit | DescartOrNot

Looks like Dez just wanted to make a friend. However, the supposed friend clearly wasn't keen on Dez!

"This Sign in Homer, Alaska..."

Reddit | mickeybuilds

I love the idea of a drunk fisherman being the person who put this sign up. Also, I've never been fishing, but I always assumed that you had to drink a beer while doing it?

"So much pain..."

Reddit | Uylimaz

I mean, at least he got to eat a bit of it! I don't know what kind of person would think that it would be a good idea to carry that huge sandwich though!

"Optimistic Roadside BBQ..."

Reddit | BigDaddySmalls

So long as they know that they're going to get some one day, then this is fine. Hence, why I introduce myself as an almost-famous musician to people.

"Article about a Swedish family having offline and 'screen free' Sundays."

Reddit | OMG_Idontcare

Considering how annoying Monopoly is, this actually seems like a pretty appropriate response!

"My therapist recommended I maintain a more positive body image."

Reddit | RudyWillingham

As much as I like what this guy has put together here, I am more curious about what his mom actually thinks of J-Lo!

Day Out To The Zoo!

Reddit | nuthin_to_it

If you do want to feed them, then there will be one manager walking around with packets of Cheetos which you can buy at a premium to hand-feed the employees.

"Rave reviews of the washroom at work!"

Reddit | Carshin

A lot of people were keen to try out this fabled washroom, but the person who posted this wouldn't disclose the location! Also, whoever is spending 45 minutes in the bathroom needs more fiber in their diet.

"I'm really excited to try this French grocery store that just opened on my block."

Reddit | CowGoesM00

If you didn't read out loud "Le Foods Market" to yourself in a ridiculous French accent then there's something wrong with you.

"Going back to school has never got me this excited!"

Reddit | CowGoesM00

This aisle is specifically aimed at teachers who are returning back to school. Lord knows they'll need some spirits to raise their spirits!

"Time for a wake up call!"

Reddit | Jaekkii

While I'm glad they're finally thinking of getting a new sofa, I cannot believe it took this much of a wake-up call to realize how hideous that sofa is!

"Sister went to a wedding reception, sent me this photo booth strip with the caption 'forever alone.'"

Reddit | aplethoraofpuppies

The completely blank background only makes the whole thing worse! You can still have fun at a wedding on your own though. That's why God invented free bars.

"We were really excited to use a lime from our lime tree for the first time."

Reddit | hehatesthesecansz

Hopefully there are another eight of these limes on that tree so that they can get enough lime juice to fill a thimble!

"There are still some optimists out there."

Reddit | Kong1988

I thought that we would just call next year 2020 and forget that this one we're living in now ever happened!

"NASA has my support."

Reddit | squarelogo

Oh sure, as though we're not just going to land on Mars and then fill it full of McDonald's and Starbucks? Still, I like their idealism!

"Sister-in-law orders a Japanese whiskey for me every Christmas. I don’t think she read the description this time when she shipped me a $50 bottle of soy sauce."

Reddit | Whippity

Sure, you don't have your yearly whiskey, but you do have some incredibly fancy soy sauce. Imagine how good that stuff is.

"Future father-in-law tired of kids littering up his favorite spot. Left a garbage bag and note. Hasn't been litter in weeks!"

Reddit | Celt9782

The note is funny but the concept itself is very sweet. Not to get sentimental on a funny pictures list, but I think those kids will really appreciate this years from now when they look back.

"They have no filter."

Reddit | TXVERAS

As they shouldn't! They're right after all, and I think it's about time that fast food and retail workers fought back.

"I ran out of wrapping paper and had to improvise. It's nearly unnoticeable."

Reddit | wes00mertes

Wait, they filled in some of the paper? Can someone tell me where? I really can't spot it! They did a great job!

"A note left on the coaster of a local brew pub."

Reddit | neodawg

I mean, no one will really think of it as an issue if you say you're "trying new IPAs" or "found a new local brewery."

"My boyfriend's friend recently got out of jail, and today is his birthday. Of course, this is the only appropriate way to wish him Happy Birthday."

Reddit | lmnopqrtist

I'm sure he'll absolutely appreciate the memories this brings back. What fun times.

"Military veteran buddy of ours has a great sense of humor."

Reddit | d0m1ng4

He also has a great sense of thirst based on the size of that jug he's got. But hey, maybe that leg of his is hydraulic.

"Heard a weird crunching in our tent while camping, look over to find my cousin enjoying an ear of corn very intoxicated."

Reddit | danothemano6789

The way this title is worded makes it sound like they didn't know where the corn came from. He just had an ear of mystery corn on him.

"Saw this amazing 'Ad' walking in my neighborhood today."

Reddit | danigiggles24

Ah, the old clickbait technique, but applied to real life! And instead of just being misleading, you're actually led into shame.

"I had an opossum visit my house so I asked if they were friendly or not in this facebook group I'm in. An animal rescue company replied with this photo. His name is Bobo."

Reddit | Carl_Gordon_Jenkins

Opossums are great animals, I love them, but I still don't think you should be interacting with one that "randomly visits your house" unless it's to put it back outside.

"Had an employee that didn't want to buy a mask, so I bought him one instead."

Reddit | brewsntattoos

It seems his shirt really does ring true here. Why do I get the feeling he won't learn from this?

"Dropped in on my kids’ Zoom classes - payback for all the interruptions to my work calls."

Reddit | esmithiii

I hadn't even considered the parent humiliation potential of online classes before. Thank goodness someone is capitalizing on it.

"Finally got my 401k. Does this mean I can retire now?"

Reddit | Amapel

Retire that car, maybe. In the comments, this user detailed all the issues he'd been having with it lately, and I think it's a sign that this baby wants to go.

"My parents brought this sign home from Mexico, I had to point out the mistake."

Reddit | Live_Ore_Die

I think it makes the sign even better. Certainly unique and will give a chuckle to anyone who notices.

"Why is this not an option everywhere?"

Reddit | wilburrr313

Sure, this menu option is funny, but I'm more interested in whatever the hell a wing ding is.

"Guy on my Facebook feed saved the interior of someone's car. Good guy!"

Reddit | 19southmainco

I cannot believe that there are people out there who are still this honest! This person must live in the most ridiculously lovely neighborhood on Earth!

"Nice tattoo save!"

Reddit | petitbleuchien

This is absolutely fantastic work. It almost makes it worth getting a terrible initial tattoo to get this masterpiece!