20 Things That Are Definitely In The Wrong Place

As we all fumble our way through life and pretend to be functioning adults as best as we can, there are a lot of strange things that happen in the world that only make life more confusing!

More often than not, these things happen when we're out of our comfort zone, so here are 12+ things that are a long way from home!

"You know what, I think I'll turn around and take the long way."


There are many roads out there that have interesting stories as to how they got their name, but I don't want to hear the story behind this one!

"On the train on the way home from Oktoberfest."

Reddit | cxrry

I don't know how any of them are asleep at all, as they all look like they are in the most uncomfortable sleeping positions possible!

"Lady in my area had her Obama statue stolen. This is how it was found."

Reddit | Brosnaks

Well, he looks pretty chipper considering he was just kidnapped! Good to see he hasn't let it get him down!

"My dad's in Bangkok and sent me a picture of this rare Nirvana shirt he found."

Reddit | PhilipGreenbriar

If anyone can tell me who this amazing band are in the comments then you will win a prize!

(The prize will be having their biggest song stuck in your head for the rest of the day...)

"Moving my desk, found my first ever accolade."

Reddit | H0tttttt

That is a move that really must have taken some gall! The fact that they're still working there means that it must have paid off though, it must have shown initiative!

"Walking back to my cabin on a cruise ship, and I found these two. I think it's sweet they did it together."

Reddit | MinstrelOfFunk

This photograph could only ever be soundtracked by Celine Dion's My heart Will Go On. I bet they'll have sore backs when they get up.

"Best pain scale ever. Found at my wife's doctors office."

Reddit | toastermonkey02

The one that I find most amusing was the "This is concerning, but I can still work" sign! Also, for number nine, what if you've been mauled by a ninja bear? Is that like a 9.5 on the scale?

"RIP Random stranger..."

Reddit | punIn10ded

One sneaky person added, "Pro tip, male wedding rings are cheap and always should be. Do not go crazy buy a titanium ring and get three identical ones keep two locked up in event of loss. Wife will never know."

"My father lost his reading glasses about two years ago. Found 'em today."

Reddit | chequesformike

Strange, you would have thought that their father would have remembered being run over by his own car?!

"Camp requires kids to write a letter home after the first week."

Reddit | I_Killed_My_Friends

Good to know they're having fun! One other person added, "My parents always used to tell the story of my first letter home from camp. I wrote 'Dear Mom and Dad, arrived safely'. They thought it was hilarious because they [dropped] me off."

"Found this at my local grocery store."

Reddit | GunnCelt

If you look at that car and don't immediately have the Ghostbusters theme tune stuck in your head, then you're dead inside.

"Tell the Dude I think I found his rug."

Reddit | ventanaman

I have never been one for rugs, but this wonderful masterpiece has absolutely changed my mind. Excuse me while I buy this rug and pour myself a White Russian.

It Also Hates Mondays!

Reddit | Kelke13

I love seeing these sorts of things in the wild, however, I am always amazed that people are committed enough to the joke to actually put them up in the first place! I would be far too lazy to put it up!

"Boyfriend is looking after my cat. He put the tv on and turned round to find this..."

Reddit | tmklsh

If I were that guy, then I would be sleeping with one eye open while that cat is staying with them! That cat is planning some evil, evil stuff!

"After years and years, someone finally found the square root that teachers were looking for."

Reddit | Bear-ly-here

Legend has it that all math teachers spend one week of the year making an annual pilgrimage to this tree!

"Actual road sign in my town because too many people get lost in someone's driveway."

Reddit | Y0sh1F1r3

I bet there are still a lot of people who get lost on that driveway! They should write, "See, told you so!" on the back as well.

"Came across this school art project. Pooh's honey problem is getting out of hand."

Reddit | gondor333

They need to find out what kid made this and then make sure that everything is going alright at home! Can you imagine if your kid brought this home and wanted to hang it up? Terrifying.

"Was out sailing and found Seal Team 6."

Reddit | YouGottaBeKitten

Sure, they may look all cute and innocent here, but you do not want to get on the wrong side of them, trust me on that!

"She didn't have a problem with it until we were 2 hours away from home, then suddenly it was a huge problem."

Reddit | makenzie71

A few people suggested that she had perhaps remained quiet for so long at first as she may have thought that they were on their way to the vet!

"Found an ancient artefact."

Reddit | cooltonsnook

I actually bet that there are some people still out there using one of these amazing phones! There was no way that you could break these machines!