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14 Funny Teachers' Notes That Thankfully Weren't About Your Kid

As far as I can remember, I was always a good student. I tried very hard not to disappoint my teachers. I was even referred to as a teacher's pet. Karma will get me. As a parent, I'll get notes like these coming home.

1. We've all been here

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I think it was my sister who was the source of this note. Although I never cut my hair, my friends would always steal a strand.

2. When the student becomes the teacher

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It's definitely not the worst note you could get. If I got this note, I would ask where that skill came from. Kid didn't get it from me.

3. Classic

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I didn't try and weasel out of school until I was much older. This kid has the right idea, though. I wish I could play video games all day.

4. Ewww, nope!

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I would not want to be the parent who had to deal with that. I'd be the parent who accidentally forgot and discovered the worm on laundry day

5. Oops!

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Hey! As far as I'm concerned, poetry is hard, and finding words that rhyme can be even harder. I really am curious about what things the poem said now!

6. He's not wrong

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These words ring truer the older you get. Sometimes, I wish I could go back to my grade school work. It would be like taking a vacation.

7. Sometimes, we all need that chair

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This still happens to me. If I don't have enough coffee, I need to hear things a couple times. I feel her pain often.

8. Confidence is key

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It's good to be confident, but he can't use that excuse forever. I kind of wish declaring that would get me out of doing stuff I dislike.

9. I cried when I didn't get a Snack Pack

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I remember being a picky eater as well. However, I never complained about cheese. Brie in packed lunch would be luxurious.

10. I still have nightmares about this horror

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Although it's good to let things be free, my dreams are still haunted by this fear. Some things never leave you, I guess.

11. Well, why not?

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If this were the case, I would have no problem maintaining straight A's. I'm glad I'm not in senior year of college anymore. Staying awake was an impossible mission.

12. How about not?

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Everybody poops, but getting this note must be the parental equivalent of a horror movie. I hope I will never be a recipient of such a note.

13. I'm emotional every day

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I wish a warning note could be sent to my cats before I got home. That way they would know to be extra cuddly...in theory, anyway.

14. Sharing is not always good

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It's OK to share snacks, but not that kind. I was guilty of enjoying my Smuckers chapstick all the time. It's not my fault!

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